June 25, 2014

White Dog and the others chanted "one more day...one more day...one more day!" when Steve walked in from the Summer Class he has been teaching at the University. For him it is a labor of love, working with the architecture students and introducing them to the marvel of design by Building Information Computer Modeling. It is an intense five weeks, added in to his OTHER teaching duties, and the class meets Mondays through Thursdays for 2-1/2 hours every morning.

The completion of Summer Session means that the WDA will once again have Steve home every morning, and most days into the mid-afternoon. They have missed their time to "hang out" with him or sit being brushed or just have the comfort of knowing he is here. This is particularly important on those nights when Steve teaches night classes and does not return home until VERY late; Taiko suffers from separation anxiety and Sachi has a hard time as well.

Tomorrow is the end of the session and the White Ones are overjoyed. White Dog, I know had a list of "Daddy-Do" things which will need to be postponed...one more day. Instead we will spend the early afternoon gathering together materials needed for the Paws To People Annual Advisory Board Meeting. And then in the early evening we must meet with our think tank of advisers and plan for the coming year and our research focus. We will return in time for the White Dog Army to have a fashionable late dinner with us. In answer to the six pairs of pleading eyes I replied, "Sorry, loves, this is not a meeting open to pups. Not even the Founding Pups. I promise we will bring home noms to ease your pain."

And THAT I can promise with ease knowing that our candy maker friend, Valerie, has made Apple Pie Apple Candy Apples as part of the Thank You bags each participant receives. A crisp tart apple, dipped in homemade caramel, covered in white chocolate and then rolled in shortbread crumbs. I ordered a few extra just for the WDA...Valerie's biggest fans at her Growers' Market booth. They deserve the cut up bliss mixed with a few spoons of vanilla ice cream (Steve's favorite way to enjoy them as well).

But then we will be done with "extras" for a while...no extra classes, no extra meetings, no extra demands...oops, except Opera Season (I think I will save THAT news until we have the chance to soak up Steve being home in the morning again).


Random Felines said...

one more day!! and mom got completely distracted by the apple tart description...mmm hope the meeting went well!

Caren Gittleman said...

I was distracted by the apple tart too! Photos please! :)