June 6, 2014

White Dog took one last look through the thick folder we were taking with us. She kissed Bella on the head and then the rest of the White Dog Army saw us to the door barking "good luck" and promising to stand together no matter what.

The first to stop of the plan was Dr. Julia's to update Bella's rabies shot (although not due until the end of the month) so that we could carry an absolutely current Certificate with us. We also asked the girls there for copies of a few pieces of information we wanted on Puff's history.

Next, armed with a folder of every member of the White Dog Army's pertinent information plus Puff's letter from Dr. Julia, the records of every ER trip she has made because of breathing problems, and some medical references specifically related to Puff's condition, we took deep breaths and headed for Animal Control, Eastside.

Updating Bella's license was no problem and was done in short order. That left only the issue of Puff's medical exemption for licensing before all of the WDA was in compliance.

I placed the Puff information on the table and briefly explained to the clerk Puff's situation. I asked to speak to the senior vet (as we had been advised) about getting our girl a medical exemption from being spayed. The clerk took the folder and went to the back room. When she came back and said, "I had a hard time finding anybody back there..." I was prepared to tell her that we would wait, right there in her processing cubby, but did not need to as she continued..."but I finally found her." "AND?" I tried gently to prod. "Oh, she looked at the letter and agreed with your vet. The exemption is ok'd."

Really? Our preparation worked?  We broke the barrier that has stood in the way for more than three years that easily? Steve squeezed my hand and Bella looked at me with doe eyes. I kissed her nose. "Puff is FINALLY LEGAL!"

The clerk started to close up our information. "We also need to apply for a Multiple Companion Animal permit," I told her.

"Oh, you cannot do that here." I am thinking this strange since we ARE in AC headquarters and it is their permit. "No, you must call 311 and schedule an appointment for an animal control officer to come out to inspect your house. He will bring the form. Then once he completes the form you will get a copy that is like a receipt. then you come back in and pay for the permit."

311 is our city's central switchboard. They take messages and forward them to the appropriate department to be responded to. But I was already sitting IN Animal Control. "Umm, couldn't YOU just schedule the inspection, the request is going to bounce here anyway" I foolishly ask. "No, you need to go through 311."

All right, keep calm, don't try to apply logic or common sense, I tell myself. I think the system silly and I am even more annoyed at the original AC Officer who incorrectly tagged us with a complaint meant for a neighbor. When HE was at our house and told us we needed the permit, HE told us he didn't have the form and that we had to go to the Animal Control Office. Steve squeezed my hand tighter in warning and we made our thanks and exit.

Once home, i called 311 and filled out the request to have an Animal Control person contact us to set up an appointment to apply for the permit and do an inspection. Now we wait.

I am boggled at the Alice In Wonderland logic that goes into setting up procedures like this and shake my head at the waste of manpower and money. But if playing the game will make my WDA safe, I will smile and pretend it all makes PERFECT sense.

But Puff is legal. A BIG victory and a reason for the White Dog Army to celebrate tonight!


meowmeowmans said...

We are over the moon at this wonderful news. Yay for Puff, and yay for the WDA!!!

24 Paws of Love said...

Woo Woo for Puff! How wonderful that she is legal now.

Isn't bureaucracy fun? Most of it makes no sense at all.

We are so happy for you and the WDA!

rottrover said...

Cool heads prevail:-)

JudyMae said...

Yea! One hurdle completed. Wonderful news for Puff. As for Government logic -there is none and that's one reason that our taxes are so high. Hard not to comment to the clerk but I doubt they have any control over things. You know the saying, "You get more flies with honey than you do with vinegar".

Brian said...

Hooray Puff, legal is good!!! Those sure are some stupid human rules!

Alasandra, The Cats and Dogs said...

So glad Purr is now legal. What silly laws some people make.