July 18, 2014

White Dog directed my attention to the living room. We were all working in the kitchen, preparing the picnic for Saturday's tailgate picnic at the Opera. I was peeling peaches for the streudal.

It is that time of year when produce is at its most seductive. The fruit is ripe and juicy and available from our local growers market. At our house we nearly live on the vegetables and fruits of the season. The White Dog Army eats veggies in their dinner and will sometimes be coerced into a bite of carrot or cucumber (especially if it contains Steve's homemade bleu cheese dressing) but they are not like many pups in the blog world who find greens and crispies a swoonable treat.

The girls had all daintily taken one piece I offered then politely declined any more. Taiko was not at all interested and walked away in boredom. YoYoMa and Sachi, on the other hand were wild for the fruit and asked over and over to share thin crescents of the slurpy goodness. I obliged, thrilled to have TWO actual fruit eaters in the WDA.

That is when WD cleared her throat and pointed to the other room. The room now strewn with many pieces of peach. The room where YoYoMa and Sachi were on their backs squirming and wiggling on top of the fruit in absolute glee...our biggest boy and his tiny duplicate rolling and thrashing away!

Then they rushed into the kitchen for another round, coats matted with juice and bits of peach still clinging. "CLING peaches, get it momma?" WD laughed. I glared. I could see that the carpet fared no better.

The boys sat in front of me, in their best "asking" positions. "Please momma, we would like some more" their looks begged.

"What you are going to get when I am done with this streudal," I told them, "is plopped in the tub for a quick cleanup and then hopefully Michael will help me with the mess you made on the rug." They wagged in their most charming manner. "No, no more!"

"Sachi clearly you need lessons on how to properly eat fruit," Puff told him, "between the strawberry play the other day and now this...I shudder to think what would happen if momma handed out watermelon!" I petted Puff's head. "Don't worry dear one, THAT will NOT happen in the house or without outside supervision. Can you imagine the mess?"

White Dog walked into the room to inspect the damage, stepping gingerly through the squashed mess. Sachi ran out after her to defend his flavored Slip-n-Slide. YoYoMa walked out to the fruit, laid down and begin eating the bits. "You are pathetic," I called after him and he rushed back to my side expecting a fresh piece.

"Oh, fine, but you have to eat it here, in front of me. No rolling." Just call me a sucker, I can't resist that goofy loving face!


Brian said...

Hey, ever we've heard of fruit rolls!

Random Felines said...

ewwww - but we bet they smelled good :)

Bunk The Pug said...

You are correct about the seductive smelling fruits! Recently, my humans have been sharing a lot more fruit and OH MY PUG, I'm in wonderful mango land followed by banana land and then some cherry land ALL THE TIME! So much fun!