July 20, 2014

White Dog and The White Dog Army did not make it to the mountains this weekend. But there was time for a romp in the Park and the celebration of National Ice Cream Day!
Bella thinking of Caramel Ice Cream, her favorite.
Make mine Pistachio AND Coconut...a double dip, please!
I'm like dad; give me a good vanilla any day!
Puff has a hard time being patient as Steve puts scoops of the cold creamy goodness in bowls (She's hoping for vanilla). YoYoMa loves EVERY flavor but is truly a fanatic when it comes to coconut (You have to share, White Dog reminds him). Sachi is in the kitchen supervising and hoping for Strawberry.
Hope you all got to join the celebration! What is YOUR favorite flavor?


ra husky said...

Hawwwooo white doggers! Very nice pictures, we think liver icecream would be the nice:) Play bows,


Random Felines said...

oh man...we missed it. wait - what is that mom? cats shouldn't have ice cream? no fair....