July 27, 2014

White Dog hopped up on the Watching Chair and shouted, "Really? Really? Yesterday we were stuck inside because of the heat and today we get storms? Is this fair?"

All day long we have been visited by waves of thunderstorms which have left YoYoMa an emotional wreck and played cruel games with the stability of our electrical service. Additionally it is humid, not good for either Puff or Sachi's breathing...or for the effectiveness of our swamp cooler which relies on evaporation for its cooling power.

Worst of all the White Dog Army is edgy and tired of being cooped up. They need some way to scrub off a little energy. But the rains have left everything mud and running water outside; the space between storms is unpredictable.

White Dog has made some attempts to entertain the WDA in the house and to help take Yo's mind off of the sky's grumbles and CRACKS.

They have played "RED ALERT," a game where WD waits until all of the pups are nestled and napping and then raises a warning bark that brings everyone charging into the living room, yipping and barking, and growling at full protection mode. They leap enthusiastically at the windows and doors.

Sachi has initiated several rounds of "Oh my dog! What is THAT?" as he stands on the couch intently staring out of the window barking like a lunatic. The rest of WDA pushes and shoves for viewing rights and to bark out clues as the group tries to figure out what it is that set Sachi off. Oh, and "nothing" is a perfectly acceptable final answer.

YoYoMa emptied all of the toys from the toy basket, bringing them into the living room where Sachi sorted through them and ran off with bee and several balls. Puff rediscovered the joy of eviscerating stuffed Pumpkin and removed its squeaker. White Dog grabbed Baby Lamby and carefully hid it on the window ledge to protect her treasured childhood toy from the others.

And the Army played Snarly Face which entails milling around Steve and making mean faces at your brothers and sisters who bump into you or who get too close to Dad. "Enough!" I ended this challenge game. "No meanness! Be nice."

Chastised, the WDA went off to separate corners to sulk. The rain was now a constant soothing flow. In no time all were fast asleep.


Tweedles -- that's me said...

Mother Nature is playing tricks on all of us!!! Sometimes its not fun!

Amber DaWeenie said...

HoHum....I share you pain. It's been raining a lot here too. And when it isn't raining, it's so HOT and HUMID. A nap sounds good right now.


TwoSpecialWires said...

Change the names to Jake, Oliver and Bella and you may as well have been describing our yesterday. Today promises to be no different. Nor tomorrow.

Thinking of you ... fondly.