August 10, 2014

White Dog was sitting next to YoYoMa waiting for me to hand out treats. She peered at his neck, the shaved part with the stitches from where he had lumps removed several weeks ago. Her gaze was starting to make Yo uncomfortable and I gave her "the look" to be more polite.

"What?" She responded. "I just was going to say that everything is healing up well and that my brother's furs are starting to grow back nicely." She touched her nose to the spot and he jumped back.

"Geez, why did you do that," he sputtered. "I wondered if the new hairs were soft or if they were whiskery and scratchy." "AND!" he demanded. "And they are soft; that part of your neck is velvety like momma's fancy jacket or a baby's stuffed teddybear," she replied.

WD continued, "It seems like everything will grow back just like before and your full thick ruff will be perfect as ever. And your leg furs are coming back pretty quickly, too. I am glad."

YoYoMa was looking at her suspiciously. "Why are you suddenly so worried about my appearance?" he asked. "Do you suddenly find me sexy?" She bared her teeth as he moved closer suggestively.

"It is my job to make sure all of the White Dog Army is healthy and looks their best," was her response. "No doubt about it even shaved you are a striking member of the Army but fully grown out, you are quite handsome...but don't get a big head about what I just said, I am really only thinking about the Christmas card. You know, wondering whether I will have to pose you facing one way or the other to get your good side."

"Enough!" I intervened. "you are making Yo very self-conscious; that is not kind. Besides Christmas is still a long way off."

"Not really," my smart girl slung back, "only 135 days, 7 hours, 8 minutes." "Oh Dog!," Puffy sighed, "White Dog has dad's Droid again!"


haopee said...

Oh my goodness, WD. You're getting crazy about that Christmas card. Hahaha. That's just funny and adorable.

Well, I'm just glad YoYoMa is getting all patched up with pretty,soft fur.

Random Felines said...

Poor Yo....it is tough being that handsome :)