August 14, 2014

White Dog and the White Dog Army have already discovered quite a bit about their new sister, Zsofia...
...she is vocal and already has started practicing her part in the WDA song of greeting for delivery people...her favorite time to practice singing? Three thirty in the morning;

...duck jerky is a swoonful YES!!! in Zsofia's book. She nommed the small bit for almost an hour savoring the softening  meat;

...those little needle-like teeth and toenails are fierce weapons (instead of baby gifts, momma requests gifts of gauze and bandaids). WDAH endured her first nail trimming bravely howling at the top of her lungs and kicking her legs;

...for the first time ever, we have a chewer on our hands, this weekend will include shopping for lots of distracting chewable toys. In the meantime, the WDA has emptied out all of the best chewies from the toy box in hopes to save their furs, paws, pants legs, shoes;

...already she responds to her name. Zsofia is the Hungarian version of Sophia, which means Wisdom. Our good friend Asta and her Mommi have helped us translate her name, Zsofia, the Sky-Eyed (she was born with blue eyes) in honor of my grandmother...zsofia, az eg-szemu;

...little Miss Zsofia is determined and stubborn which thrills White Dog. She has already decided that she prefers being out and about the house to her playpen. She drags her leash along so that i can step on it or get her out of "NO!" places but she is working on eliminating that boundary by trying to chew through the leash;

...she runs a bit like a windup toy, full speed buzzing everywhere for a time and then suddenly just lies down and goes to sleep, totally without warning. She managed to entice Bella to play chase and run and Bella nimbly lept over the baby only to look back over her shoulder to discover Zsofia curled in a ball where she left her, fast asleep;

...she is the daughter of two purebred Siberian Huskies that are a bonded pair and she is part of a litter of nine.The parents were mated as a prelude to being fixed and each of the pups was promised to a special person. We met both dogs, medium sized for Sibes, very sweet, well mannered, and adored by their family.

Here are some photos of the initial meeting, getting to know each other and making herself at home moments:


24 Paws of Love said...

Purebred Sibe...you are in for a real ride!! She's sounds darling. And a singer no less. Yes, your hands are going to be full, but so will your hearts! <3

STELLA and RORY from Down Under said...

Oh My Dawg. White Dog Army have another baby and we are behind in learning about it. Yaahoooo for you all. She is just adorable. What a wonderful gift she was to your family. Good luck mates.
No worries, and love, Stella and Rory

Amber DaWeenie said...

What a little baby doll! Please don't give Mommy the puppy fever again. :)

You will really have your hands full for a while!

ra husky said...

Oh a real ride indeed! All our love an support furiends, cherish every moment of these days:)


Random Felines said...

You are all in for an adventure. What a lovely gift for Steve - for all he gives to others. (though we are glad to hear mom and dad Sibes are being fixed)

Agnes B. Bullock said...

She is the pawfect addition to the WDA!!!!

Brian said...

We sure love the cuteness!

bbes tribe said...

How very awesome! We love your new addition. She looks SO much like our Niki girl. One of our first Sibes. An awesome girl and we loved her lots. She lived to be 15 years. Niki was also blue eyed. When she was tiny they were such a vivid beautiful blue. As she matured they became a nice blue. :-)
Mom Barb for Ernie and the furkids

Jo's World said...

Thanks for the lovely pics of Zsophia and the rest of the white dogs. I hear some warnings of the Sibe nature in the comments but I wonder if the white dogs will have some paws in raising her. I'm betting on them for doing a good
share of the schoolin' with her!

Have fun!
Jo, Stella,and Ziva Zophia(Zkhat)

meowmeowmans said...

Adorable, and we love the pictures of you all getting to know each other! <3