August 2, 2014

White Dog ran into the bedroom when Steve pulled up; she was expecting me to follow and change for the Opera. She came out a few minutes later, after the usual White Dog Army "Dad's Home!" Greeting, and after hearing him settle down into a chair. She looked at him and then pointedly at me.

"We are home tonight, Sweet Love," I told her. "Last week was the end of this year's opera season for us."

WD paused for a moment to process what I had just said and then jumped joyfully onto the arm of my chair. Bella came out from under the chair to dance and Taiko pushed his nose into Steve's leg. Sachi started a happy howl and was joined by YoYoMa, then Puff, then Bella, and finally, White Dog.

"Wow!" I teased, "I would have thought you would be disappointed that we were home to interrupt whatever crazy party antics go on when we are not here."

"You are silly, momma," WD said looking around to make sure none of the White Ones gave away Army secrets with a guilty glance or telltale head turn. "But WHAT are we having for a late night snack if you and dad won't be having a tailgate picnic," YoYoMa wanted to know.

"Big Boy, it is my fondest hope that we will ALL be fast asleep at 1am and not be awake to nosh out." His face fell. "But," Steve continued, "we DO have a pork roast braising in the slow cooker that I put on before school this morning. Would some of that with your dinner be a suitable substitute?"

The White Dog Army conferred for a few seconds and as they talked the speed of tail wags increased. Seems it WAS a suitable substitute...and they all followed Steve out to the kitchen to sniff and check on its doneness.

The WDA hopes you and your family have a great weekend together and stuffed with yummies.

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