August 22, 2014

White Dog met us at the door as we returned from running a short errand. Candace was at a job fair so Skye and Daisy were in the big house, napping on the couch. Taiko was sleeping in the kitchen; he had been a bit stressed this morning by the dreariness and rain so we babygated him with his bed just to keep things calm. The rest of the Army was bored and filled with ennui because of the weather; they also snoozed. Everyone had been well behaved.

By everyone, I mean the new girls and the Army EXCEPT for the one member who is a darker shade of white...and who is filled with puppy energy no matter what the conditions around her. Zsofia had been gated into the bathroom. We figured there are no cords or outlets. The cabinets were firmly closed. The towels hung too high to be reached. Steve put the bowl cleaning brush into the tub and made sure the shower curtain was tucked inside the lip. The room contains a nice soft rug. Oh, and he remembered to put the seat DOWN. Our baby was perfectly safe and could do no harm...

...so we innocently thought and off we went...only to return an hour later greeted by White Dog.

"I tried my best," she began. Steve released Taiko as we both heard the plaintive Song of the Sibe coming from the hallway. "Really, momma, this new kid is such a stubborn challenge." Steve walked down the hall.

"Sweetheart," I consoled WD, "she is just like you were at that age, full of unquenchable curiosity and tenacity."

"Seems we forgot to protect one vital element of this room we chose to gate Zsofia in," Steve said as he reentered the living room carrying the littlest one in one arm and scads of unfurled toilet paper in the other.

"I REALLY did try to stop her," White Dog moaned. I kissed her head. "You know there is no stopping a White Dog of ANY shade who is determined," I reminded her. I looked at Steve. "On the 'next-time' list."


Angel Ginger Jasper said...

lol that is a very kitty thing. I just had to laugh at the picture it conjured up

Asta said...

Sweet white dog is so wesponsibull and wants evewything to be all wight..such a sweetie, but Zsofia was well pwotected..toilet papew cooldn't huwt hew. Such a loving and cawing house..white dogs of any shafe awe aways safe and loved
Smoochie kisses

nancyturtle said...

Please tell me there are pictures!

Brian said...

Puppies like to let the good times roll too!

Tweedles -- that's me said...

all the love in your house will always help resolve and blend everyone into a loving family