August 27, 2014

White Dog watched Steve for a while and then laughed. "Seems like the best present ever," she said somewhat snidely.

For his recent birthday, Steve received a special present from Bella, Sachi, and Zsofia. It is a gift that is receiving much use and appreciation. Steve is a gadget guy and loves the shiny smoothness of machined parts and molded plastic. He enjoys the efficiency of tool use. The engineering and simplicity of use make his heart pound.

The "wet spot" trio could not have made a more appropriate gift choice than the new full-sized Bissell ProHeat Pet Advanced Carpet shampooer. It replaces the little hand-held spot cleaner and adds the technology of heat and self varying cleaner strength mixing as well as suction strong enough to lift most pet stains...and we have discovered, fur.

It has gotten a lot of use since its arrival. The carpets have never looked so clean! And White Dog and I have been appalled at the color of the water collected in the "after" reservoir. Each time Steve rolls the White Dog Zamboni out of its storage, Sachi and Zsofia follow along to watch the joy their gift brings. As they supervise the sweeping cleaning strokes and sniff the clean damp paths that result, I can see Zsofia quietly making note where to challenge Steve next. Sachi especially enjoys when Steve uses the hose attachment to get the chair legs that exhibit mysterious "markings."

When we were first married a thousand years ago, I tell White Dog, dad and I used to giggle about such things...people that received "practical" or worse yet, "hen-pecked" gifts for special occasions. Never us, we promised each other. Who would want something like an iron or a vacuum cleaner for a birthday gift? Vintage wine and exotic tidbits forever!

Fast forward 34 years and a houseful of White Dogs, rescued, and with their own insecurities. THEN add in a nearly 2-month old puppy. Suddenly Steve is dancing down the hallway pushing the steaming beast and saying things like, "I'll shampoo the sofa tomorrow." He reaches down and lifts Zsofia into his arms. "Hit me with your best shot, Little One. Thanks to you and your brother and sister, I've got it covered!"

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STELLA and RORY from Down Under said...

Hehehe, mum can totally relate to this post. She and dad bought a carpet shampoo machine and LOVE it. It is quite gross the colour of the water that comes out of it after use but the carpet looks so much better. We of course, prefer the carpet hairy and smelly but, as usual, mum and dad know best! Take care all and have a great weekend. No worries, and love, Stella and Rory