August 7, 2014

White Dog is my daemon, she is that part of my soul that is the connection between me and the Universe. She understands. So today she came to me and insisted on these Throw Back Thursday photos:

"I know this is the beginning of an incredibly tough week for you, momma," she told me and my tears began to flow. "I, too remember that this was Quinn's final painful horrible steps in his journey to the Rainbow Bridge. I remember my sister, Nuka's shock and inability to accept that her best friend was soon to leave without her and how her anguish made The Mighty Quinn's need to leave so tragic. I remember...and so does YoYoMa and Puff...how difficult it was to celebrate life on dad's birthday." I nodded; Quinn had tried so desperately to stay until after Steve's day but could not. He crossed on the day before, after an epic battle.

"But he was not always sick. And his illness never defined him. Quinn, The Mighty Quinn, added so much to our lives and the early shaping of The White Dog Army. His gentle ways set our tone and made  Be Nice Always, our motto."

"Look at these photos from a year earlier, momma. Ignore the blurriness, you are an awful photographer. But look at Quinn; see with your heart. Feel how happy he was. Know how connected we all are together. That is the essence of what makes us so different and special. We are the White Dog Army. And Quinn is part of the WDA for always."


Sam said...

They never really leave, do they?

Hugs and love,

Monty and Harlow

Brian said...

Yes, the heart knows happy.

Tweedles -- that's me said...

And hearts take time to heal

FiveSibesMom said...

Oh we remember those beautiful wonderful photos and we always remember our dear friend and might warrior, The Mighty Quinn. He is indeed that twinkle in the night sky I see...watching over you and sending his love every day. The holes they leave in our hearts stay forever, but the heart remembers the love always. Sending you big hugs and a wink up to that bright, twinkling star named Quinn. xo