September 29, 2014

White Dog and the rest of the Army speculated on how much Zsofia now weighed. She and Steve went to the Vet's office for Round Three of her puppy shots, so they knew she would have to plant her wiggly body long enough for a measurement to be taken. On October 4 she turns three months old...White Dog weighed about 5lbs at that point.

No one had guessed that her weight had only increased by a pound-and-one half since her last visit. There is no arguing that she is longer and taller. When she stands on her back legs at the counter in the kitchen, her nose is level with the top surface...anti-counter surfing lessons have already begun. But she "only" weighs 16.5 lbs...all of us would have sworn she was 20lbs or more based on being jumped upon or run into.

"Don't worry too much," Cindy, Dr. Julia's Number One, told me when I spoke with her later in the day. "I saw those paws. Zsofia is NOT going to be petite!"  "Kind of gave up that notion," I told her as I revealed that we had just ordered a new "baby" crate since the 24x18x24" one that I foolishly thought would last for 6 months or so (it fits full grown Sachi, Bella and Puff, I reasoned) is already crowded. Not taking any chances we went for the 48x36x30" one this time. Now all we need to do is figure out how to rearrange the bedroom to fit our baby basket.

After a breakfast delayed by the early vet visit. Steve and YoYoMa harnessed Zsofia up for a power walk. The struggle to dress her was less and she understood after that they were going out the front door (she rushed to be leashed). Poor Sachi desperately wanted to join his best friend and was heartbroken when told his little legs and breathing issues would not allow him to keep up. He sat forlornly watching out of the window until they returned up the drive 1.5 miles later...then he met Zsofia at the door with a wrestling challenge growl and they were off across the living room rug.

Zsofia called a "Time Out!" to get a long drink of water and sank to her belly. Sachi tackled her and pinned her to the floor. He beamed at his conquest. Zso did not even struggle, she was fast asleep.

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meowmeowmans said...

Wow, it sounds like Zsofia is going to be big and strong! How sweet that Sachi waited for her so eagerly. :)