September 8, 2014

Hi, I am here to get my dad his shots...
White Dog looked at YoYoMa, who whistled. "That is as much as Sachi weighs," she said. "In no time Big Bro, the Darker Shade of White is going to be hip checking YOU!

She was referring of course to Zsofia, who went for her second round of puppy shots today. Four days past 60 days old, our "little" girl has gained five pounds...she is now 12 lbs. She is now nearly as tall as Puff.

Soon she will have the leg strength to catapult herself UP...onto the furniture...in zoomie chases after her Sachi, who takes the role of littermate/play partner. Last night she discovered she could stand on her back legs and reach the plate on Steve's snack tray.

The kennel I bought to hold the baby at night is nearly too small even though it is a size that both Bella and Sachi find spacious and comforting.  Every day I thank heavens she has not yet shown interest in the dog door, but soon...

White Dog shudders when she thinks of the energy that our Twelve Pound Tornado expends while at the same time willing her body to stretch and grow and build muscle at the rate it is. "It is like a science miracle," she said respectfully.. It is awesome to behold.

Zsofia IS becoming more white as her topcoat grows in and her howls tonight in the drizzling rain as the White Dog Army greeted the emerging last Super Moon of the year blended perfectly with the pack. Who cares if eventually one of us TOWERS over the others wearing a darker coat and sings a little more liltingly? We are family.


haopee said...

Zsofia is definitely one of the odd woman out in this crew. I am sooo curious why you decided to add a panda in your polar bears.

Glad she's healthy as an ox.

Random Felines said...

she is a cutie...just remember that when she starts discovering all the "fun" things she can get into :)

ra husky said...

Ah Zsofia, growing up is such fun BOL!!


Brian said...

I think she will enjoy the couch!

Khyra And Sometimes Her Mom said...

Khouches and chairs SOOOOO rokhk!

They are khalled FURniture so make sure woo do your part!


bbes tribe said...

She is growing fast. Our Siberian Niki grew so fast it was like everytime she took a nap mom and dad could see her grow...at least that's what they thought. She lived to be 15 years old. We didn't get to know her. But heard stories.
Ernie and the furkids