October 17, 2014

White Dog tried to trace the ancestry of the Water Buffalo horn chew that for the moment lay unattended in the middle of the living room.

Candace bought it when she went to the pet store to pick up more dog food. She gave it to Skye who chewed it for a couple of minutes. Daisy nosed her aside and took over nomming.

When Zsofia sneaked in for a "What's New" visit, she stole the water buffalo horn and ran out to the yard to hide it. She could not stand having a secret that no one else knew so she brought it into our house...

...where Sachi batted it away from her and claimed it. Zsofia didn't like this one bit and spent a lot of time telling the Little Man that she thought he was an opportunist.

While THEY were arguing YoYoMa calmly walked over and took it away. He laid down by the watching chair to enjoy the prize.

White Dog sounded the deliveryman alarm and Yo leaped into action as second in command. While all were in WDA frenzy mode, Daisy snatched the horn and hopped onto the couch. Zsofia stretched faaarrrrr under the couch and came out crunching...something. That got Daisy's curiosity and she jumped down to see what was hidden under that was so good. Zso went up...and claimed the horn chew.

She enjoyed lying on the couch gnawing her prize but lost her grip on it. It went tumbling to the floor...where Yo smoothly swooped in and reclaimed it...Every one ignored the chew when they heard the sound of the duck jerky bag. It was treat time!

After treats as all of the pups settled into positions for post-treat naps. Sachi seized the opportunity and nabbed the horn and curled up around it...

When he shifted in his sleep and left the chew exposed, Bella crept out from under the chair, took it quietly into her mouth and darted back under into her fortress.

Later, the horn had resurfaced and was sitting in the middle of the room...waiting.

I am not sure whether we should buy more of these horns to chew or if the sharing and stealing makes the game (and even a temporary win) sweeter.

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Tweedles -- that's me said...

a buggalo horn,,, oh gosh!