October 26, 2014

White Dog WANTED to, she really did, but in just an instant she turned away from the door and Steve's invitation to go for a ride and went to check on Puff. Steve looked guilty for needing to go to the grocery when Candace walked in and offered to run for the baby food...and to pick Michael up from volunteering at the cat rescue.

The rest of the White Dog Army is recovering as expected from the upper respiratory infection that is going around. There are still runny noses and sporadic coughs, but poor Puff has been hit pretty hard. Thank goodness we started her on medication right away but still she has no appetite and is lethargic. The coughing fits are frightening to hear.

That was the purpose of the grocery errand, to purchase turkey and sweet potato baby food which we could mix into slurry and help our weak little girl get some nourishment. We are subsidizing the small amount of water she is drinking by also syringing liquid; she is managing to keep hydrated.

Mostly, she just wants to sleep.

It is at times like these when the amazing bond that ties the White Dog Army together is clear. It is no random act when Zsofia carefully lies down near Puff's face and softly woos for her to wake up and smile. White Dog consciously decided to pass up the treat of a car ride to stay at her sibling's side. YoYoMa may well as being wearing a watch with the regularity of his trips to his sister's side to touch her nose and sniff her ear. Taiko gently watches over Another White Dog as she sleeps; so intently that Steve had to put his arm around our boy and let him know it was not necessary to stand guard over her...he COULD sit and rest. Sachi keeps rolling his favorite blue egg ball toward Puff asking her to bat it back; when she doesn't he sighs and sinks to his belly staring at her.

Anyone who says that dogs have no emotions and do not understand "higher order" thinking like compassion have obviously never had the opportunity to witness the interaction of pups in a family. In fact, I believe, we humans could learn much from the tenderness and care I regularly see from the White Ones.


meowmeowmans said...

We can -- and DO -- definitely learn from the lessons of the White Dog Army. Hugs, purrs and prayers to you all.

Brian said...

The White Dogs totally understand what it means to be a family!!!

Tweedles -- that's me said...

yes, we are family