November 1, 2014

White Dog handed me the menu. "It is what we do best, momma," she explained. "We celebrate each other and the milestones in our lives."

It is, on one hand, impossible to believe how quickly one year has flown by; but on the other, it seems that Bella has been with us forever. All but Sachi and Zsofia remember the long drive to western New Mexico to bring our newest recruit home...and how incredibly shy she was. She spent the entire four hour ride home shivering in my arms.

Bella E. Premurosa, our Beautiful and Caring One, is as gentle as a doe...and as timid. She still spends LOTS of time hiding under my chair but in the past few months she has discovered enough confidence to lie out in the open space of the living room...to chance bedtime walks with Steve and Sachi...to play chase with Zsofia, the baby. She is learning to ask for attention and to demand dinner. Our Tiny White Dog is in the process of blooming into herself.

The rest of the White Dog Army, Steve, and I like to believe we have had a hand in helping her find her voice. Skye, Daisy and Jupiter (as well as Candace) seem to have provided a connection and encouragement that our Tiny Dancer needed to come out of her shell.

The other day when she spontaneously jumped up and sat next to me on the bed, I was filled with delight...and just as quickly as she hopped up, she ran off. I never understand those who invite a rescue dog into their lives and give up after a few weeks. It has taken Bella a year to find the security she needed to trust and know in her heart that she was forever home.

We are so proud of our girl. Tonight the extended WDA will enjoy a celebration that includes diced chicken tenders mixed with scrambled eggs, carrots, and stringed beans and topped with crunchy bacon followed by pumpkin pie topped with freshly whipped cream. We will share stories of Bella's arrival and her precious moments...and mostly we will be grateful (and tell her) for that day a year ago when a VERY uncertain little white girl threw her fates in with ours and became a member of the White Dog Army...we cannot imagine an Army without her.

Happy First Gotcha Day, Bella E. Premuroso! 
With love, from all of us.

Bella's theme song was suggested by Stella and Rory's mum, the very day we introduced her to our Blog Family


NanĂ¼k said...

Happy gotcha day bewoootiful!!


Brian said...

I hope your Gotcha Day was very special pretty Bella!

Sagira said...

Sounds like a pawsome Gotcha day. What a cute family!!!!!

Random Felines said...

we are late, but HAPPY Gotcha Day Bella!!!