November 3, 2014

White Dog nodded her agreement as she listened in to my conversation with Cindy at Dr. Julia's office. "We could try a stronger antibiotic but I think and am sure Dr. Julia will agree that we would rather you brought Puff in today," she said.

I looked at Steve who had a very tight schedule and he, too, nodded as he walked away to begin rearranging his afternoon.

"There is hardly any air moving," Dr. Julia said as she read the notes Lisa had taken of Puff's weekend decline, loss of appetite, and the amount of Oxygen she has needed. An x-ray was taken and bloodwork drawn.

A short time later Dr. Julia returned carrying a prescription bottle and Puff's chart. She turned on the computer and called up the x-ray. "See these areas of the lung," she pointed, "they are a different color because they are not getting any oxygen." "Pneumonia?" I asked. "Yep. So we are switching to the big guns and she handed me the bottle of pills. And subq fluids. Just until she gets eating and drinking again." She instructed Margaret to get the goods we would need; wyhen the tech returned she began to instruct us. "No need," Dr. Julia interrupted. "These guys know how to do this as well as you do." "Sadly, yes." Steve replied.

So here we are, asking for Power of the Paw for my Little Old Lady as she, exhausted from the trip, lies sound asleep in her oxygen kennel so very quiet. As Dr. Julia said Puff's a fighter, she has beaten this before. And love is a powerful medicine.


NanĂ¼k said...

All our prayers and healing energy Puff, from wooos Wyoming furiends,

nuk an isis

Tweedles -- that's me said...

Power of the Paw!
Power of the Paw!

and hear us Universe,,, hear us.

rottrover said...

Surrounding Puff and the entire Army with strong, rottie POTP!

Random Felines said...

sending lots and lots of purrs to Puff and all of you.....

meowmeowmans said...

We are purring and praying with all our might for Puff, and all of you.

Brian said...

Okay Puff sweetie, all seven of us kitties and two humans are sending our very best prayes to you.

bbes tribe said...

Puff, we are sending POTP times 6 furkids and that is a lot of paws. We are keeping good thoughts you feel better.
Ernie and the furkids and Mom too.

haopee said...

It's a good thing Puff is in good hands. There's a big difference when people are more experienced.