November 9, 2014

White Dog went over and laid her muzzle against Puff's. Our Feisty Little Old Lady has once again battled herself back from illness that might have taken another 16 year old girl with as many medical issues as she has. It is not yet official, she does not see Dr. Julia until she finishes her meds at the end of this week.

We are still encouraging her to try and take it easy but it is daily more obvious that Puff has decided that she is well enough to participate in everyday life...and all of the things she loves to do. I see it in the wrestling struggle to get her to take her pills...no cooperation and LOTS of resistance. The White Dog Army senses her recovery as well; no longer do they tiptoe around her as good nurses should. It is back to the swirl and interaction that comes from seven, often ten pups, sharing one space. She does not seem to mind. We are sure Dr. Julia will be pleased and issue a clean bill of health when see sees her.

White Dog's act of sympathy referred to the fickle whims of fate. "Poor Puff," WD said, "she JUST is at the end of being so very sick and NOW she goes into heat? That just seems SO unfair!"

Puff, of course, was a backyard breeder dog who came to us with Heartworm that was so severe that she nearly died. She fought through that with the same tough attitude that she takes for all adversity, but it left her with severe heart, lung, and bronchial damage. Consequently She is not a candidate for surgery except for the most extreme need. Dr. Julia has refused to neuter her for this reason. There is no menopause for female dogs, so even at 87 human years poor Puff must go through the cycles. There is nothing we can do except cross off days on the calendar.

...and try to keep Sachi and YoYoMa from being boorish macho idiots. Although both are fixed, there is silliness over who "owns" Puff (NO one she says, I am my own pup!) and challenges over who is more studly (Momma, make them STOP all of the girls beg).

It seems at White Dog Ranch it is always something!


Tweedles -- that's me said...

We want Puff to feel good. That is what we all want- isn't it?

Sagira said...

You go Puff! Sure hope that all news is good news from Dr. Julia

Brian said...

We all love you Puff and you keep fighting sweetie!