December 18, 2014

White Dog made the decision. Steve bartered a for professional time agreement with a young woman who grooms pups and as a result four of the White Dog Army were to receive pre-Christmas spa days. Quickly WD ruled out her and YoYoMa..."we already have a special groomer. What would Scot and Seven think if they ever found out we had gone somewhere else!"

And Taiko is the exclusive customer at Chez Steve's; the only time he has endured another's hand (as gentle as it was) was when he first arrived at White Dog Ranch covered in mats, live tick nests, and incredible filth. It took them nearly four hours to do an incredible makeover and they invited our nervous boy to never come back. But Tai is patient with and trusts Steve which ruled him out.

WD decided that Puff and Bella would be a good team to go together. Both like baths and being brushed. Puff especially loves the warm breezes of the dryer. Both are nervous away from home, but Puff, at least. HAS been to our regular groomer before (although she prefers dad's salon). The girls are scheduled to go next Tuesday morning. I am a bit nervous about my Tiny Dancer who does not like being apart from me.

Today, Sachi and Zsofi were elected. "They love everything," White Dog reasoned. "And they are not particularly picky. That will make them good guinea pigs, I mean, front pups in this project. Besides, what can you do to ruin a puppy's hair?"

With that rousing endorsement, the inseparable friends were loaded into Pumpkin. We waited at home for the pickup phone call (trying not to be TOO nervous).

"My dog, Little Man!" White Dog sputtered when they returned. "Finally you look like an Eskie and not a Pom wanna be!"  then she burst out laughing. Yo said to Taiko, "I bet less than five minutes, how about you?" "Three," was his reply.

The bet was over how long the cute little bows would last in Zso's furs. The boys kind of split the win...one bow was gone by the time she zoomed past us out to the kitchen to check the food bowls but the other stayed in long enough the be captured in photos.
At the salon, waiting. Yes, they DO have a sparkly pink floor!

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ohhh the beauty parlor!! how fun!