December 21, 2014

White Dog will be ten tomorrow. Where the time has gone I do not know but I do know that there is power in TEN. There is magic. The Little White Dog of My Heart has grown to embody that power and magic and beauty.

I once watched a TED presentation that maintained that ten was the number of people needed to turn an idea into reality. The critical mass of action so to speak. Our number system is based on ten. Humans have ten fingers and ten toes. It is the number used to express magnitude. Ten is the geometry of strength and invincibility.

Ten is tribute this year, that I pay my Siku Marie, THE White Dog...or rather 10 x 100...the number of the White Dog Army times the faces and friends of those we know personally, many in this community, who have been frontline Warriors in the fight against the catastrophic diseases that affect people and pets and which take too many too soon.

You will notice a couple of changes to our right sidebar on this blog. there is a donate button for Paws To People. As part of the tribute to White Dog, I will match every single penny of every single donation up to $1000 (10 x 100). The donation dollars will go toward funding our organization's first comparative studies research project...it is our hope to raise $10,000.00 and we are about halfway there. My Matching Challenge will remain until we reach our goal (hopefully by the end of our fiscal year in June).

This cause is important to the entire White Dog Army but especially to Siku, who was with us in Colorado when we walked our first steps to end the monster that is cancer. She is a tireless voice of conviction and advocacy and hope.

Please be generous when you can and help me turn $1000 into $2000...if ten people give ten dollars and each of you tells ten friends who give...it is the magic of the power of ten.

Thank you.
Siku's Momma, Sue


meowmeowmans said...

Mom Sue, this is a wonderful tribute to sweet Siku Marie! I will share it on Twitter ... let's get some of that TEN power going! :)

Hugs and blessings to you.

Sagira said...

You guys have the kindest hearts. Happy soon to be 10th Birthday Siku Marie! We love you and your family. We just made our donation in your name to them. :)

Mr. Pip said...

What a wonderful birthday tribute! I love the idea of 10 being such a magic number! We will donate when we can to your amazing cause!

Random Felines said...

a wonderful birthday tribute!!