December 23, 2014

White Dog jumped up next to me on the bed. It was early and I was sitting on the edge holding Bella as I put on her harness and gave her a pep talk.

"Don't worry, Little Sister, there is no reason to be afraid. And Yo is going with you; he will keep you safe."

My Tiny Dancer was about to take a very brave step. For the first time since she joined the White Dog Army, she was going on an adventure without me. The thought did not make her happy and I worried abut her stress...but it was time. and she would not be alone.

Steve loaded Bella and YoYoMa into Pumpkin and headed over to the young groomer who was trading her services for Steve's help. YoYoMa would be at a disadvantage as well as Bella. This was not his normal groomer and things would probably be different than what he is used to. "Believe in them, momma," White Dog advised me. "They are part of the White Dog Army. They will be fine."

It seemed like no time before we got the call that Yo and Bella were ready to be picked up. The report was that both had been model citizens.

Bella charged through the door and lept into my arms. She smelled floral and felt silky smooth. Her whiteness was blinding. She was wearing pink bows which she prompted removed by grooming herself like a cat...paws over ears.

YoYoMa strolled in rico suave, and let all of the WDA get a good long sniff. Then he tried to get too friendly with Puff. "You might be clean and sparkle, Dude, but GET OFF!" was her reply. As an aside Taiko said to Sachi, "It was the bandana...too much! Women don't go for roosters who strut and..." he stopped when he noticed Yo standing in his face. "And what?" Yo asked? "Nevermind," was Tai's response as he made a hasty retreat.

"Stop! Santa's watching," Zsofia reminded everypup. Candace told her the story several days ago about how Santa watches to see who is naughty or nice and our Baby has been a bit obsessed since.

Bella's Glamour Shot
Really, a pink floor? Oh well, when you look as good as I do, who notices the FLOOR!


Angel Ginger Jasper said...

You look beautiful. Wishing you a very happy Christmas and I hope you all have the best time x

Tweedles -- that's me said...

hi beautiful!
Merry Christmas!

Little Reufus said...

What is it about a hoiday that makes a mom think you need a bath???

Merry Christmas, WDA!!!

We love you all!!!

Little Reufus and the Mom

Random Felines said...

so cute!!