December 30, 2014

White Dog rushed into the room and jumped onto the bed and snuggled into the blankets with me. She was followed by Steve carrying her harness and lead. "Come on! You have an appointment at the spa!" She buried deeper into the covers and pressed against me.

I reached under and stroked her fur. "You love Scot and the gang at the spa," I told her, "and you will come home beautifully coiffed. There is no reason to be afraid."

WD looked at me with puzzled eyes and pressed more closely. "What then?" I asked. "I am not afraid," she replied with an insulted tone. "It is awful and cold. We have a wind chill factor in MINUS numbers for dog's sake. Why would I want to go out THERE?"

Even Zsofia woo'd her agreement. It was just COLD, there wasn't a flake of new snow and the sky was clear. Puff was sleeping under my desk against the heating vent. NO pup was interested in outside for any reason.

Steve tossed me the harness. "I'll take Taiko out to potty while you get your girl ready," he said. Taiko looked at him and stiffened his legs. "Good luck," WD whined and I am not sure whether her comment was directed at Steve or Tai.

Steve helped Taiko to his feet, pushed his back side through the dog door and then ran around to meet his boy on the deck. "If I do this now," I heard Taiko ask him. "Do I have to go out at all the rest of the day?"

"Scot keeps her shop very warm and there is the special drying kennel so you will not freeze, Sweet One," I told WD as we struggled her into her gear. Steve already had Pumpkin preheating and he carried her out pressed against his jacket. The rest of the White Dog Army shivered just watching her go.

"The Great Mighty Northern Breed of Tundras and Snow forts," I teased my White Dog Army. "Charging through blizzards and sleeping buried in snow." "Oh momma, you have it SO wrong," said Bella. "Think Dr. Zhivago and fur blankets and roaring fires and being carried through storms in carriages all tucked in comfort. THOSE are the kind of Northern Breed Pups WE are!"

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Random Felines said...

northern breeds living in the south....they have adjusted :)