January 11, 2015

White Dog and the others were up before dawn to make sure we were not late in our mission to claim their new sister from Westside Animal Welfare and bring her home in time for breakfast with her new family. "Sweet Ones," I protested, "It is 6:15! It is way too early and I have not even had a chance to open my eyes much less have a cup of coffee." "No time for coffee momma!" White Dog ordered. "It is all the way across town. You and dad better get up, get dressed, and GO!" Zsofia jumped up and stood in my chest for emphasis, "We don't want her there another second longer than it takes for you to pick her up. She must be so scared," she wooed a centimeter from my ear.

We pulled up just our contact was arriving as well. She recognized Pumpkin and our Paws To People signs and came up to the car. Together we entered the building. And emerged about half an hour later with one VERY frightened cowering Daisy/Darby.

She flinched and pulled away at my first touch. We positioned the travel kennel so she could see Steve and I. And I opened the crate so I could rest my hand inside on the blanket near her.

"Welcome, sweet girl" we told her. "We are going home where you will be safe and loved and nurtured for all of your days." She sniffed my hand; it was near torture not to respond but I kept it resting where it was. This poor baby is so frightened, the entire experience must have been so awful...to be surrendered by her people two days after Christmas...then being in the shelter for these weeks...she is so uncertain and shy.

"We are home!" Steve called, but the WDA already KNEW that. They were piled up at the door waiting to meet and greet the newest member of our family...
Every pup was gentle in greeting and did not press...not even Zsofia who desperately wanted her to come out and play.
Taiko's bed is next to Darby's. He went in to keep her company when she discovered the room in her explorations. She also knows how to use the dog door! We were very surprised that our newest old lady was spritely enough to navigate it and the ramp...the shelter had made it seem as though she were barely able to walk.
The stroll around the yard with Steve and the WDA as well as all of the excitement of the day DID leave Darby exhausted. When Steve showed her her suite next to Taiko's bed, she happily climbed in and settled down.
We left the door open so she could come and go. The WDA periodically checked on her across the afternoon. Taiko napped beside her on his bed and Sachi sat on the human bed watching over her. She did drink some water (woohoo!) but has not yet eaten. Steve senses she wants to so we will try every couple of hours but as WD said, "There is so much excitement and newness do not be surprised if she does not eat. She is not sick, just all wound up."


meowmeowmans said...

Hooray! Welcome to the best and most loving home ever, Darby. The WDA is all about the love and light, dear one. Blessings to you all.

Tweedles -- that's me said...

We are so happy for her,,, and for all of you!
She will again find what love is all about,,, it just takes time for her to understand.

24 Paws of Love said...

Welcome Darby! You are home. :)

Brian said...

I know sweet Darby already feels the love.

NanĂ¼k said...

Hawwooo Darby! So very pleased to meet woo! It's good to out of the shelter hu?? Woo are going to have relly good times with all the white doggers there,

um, do wooo like carrots?? Yo, bring the new recruit and we'll will go get salad this evening BOL BOL!!!!


Mr. Pip said...

What a sweetheart. Sending her many good vibes and wishes that she feels the love and trusts that she is now safe.

Random Felines said...

awwww - how wonderfully sweet. we are so glad she is in capable and loving hands and paws.