January 18, 2015

White Dog had a touch of pride in her voice when we got home from the Paws To People Board meeting. "Call the Little One," she challenged us as we walked through the door. "Let us take our coats off first," Steve told her, "otherwise we will get Zsofia singing to be let out of her crate." "No you won't," White Dog replied and at that our Darkest White Dog came bounding out to great us.

"I KNOW I put her in her kennel before we left," Steve said looking at me to gauge my reaction. "I saw you carry her in there and heard you slide the locks." Zsofia squirmed with self congratulations. "Maybe Candace let her out for some reason?"

Steve texted Candace, asking. "What?" was her reply and she came hurrying in to the main house.

It seems that our Baby Houdini had practiced this new trick TWICE.

"When I let MY girls out, she was running around in the yard. I knew you were gone and thought maybe you had forgotten to put her to bed," she said. "So I brought her in and locked her up. She was NOT happy."

"Well, she came out to greet us just now, free as a bird." Steve told her, puzzled. He went back into the bedroom, Zsofia on his heels, to look at the kennel. The top latch was still closed and turned to lock position but the bottom was undone and the little flipper clamps at the bottom of the frame, a secondary backup, were pushed so that they did not grip the horizontal wire at the bottom of the door.

"The top is still latched," he announced. "I am pretty sure I latched everything," Candace said thinking back. "I know Huskies can be escape artists so with her I take no chances. She does always watch my as I close up the door." "Same here," Steve confirmed. "All of the latches were done."

"Are we going to have to post a guard?" I asked, taking Zso's face in my hands. She kissed my cheek. "I don't suppose there is any point in putting her in while we are here and seeing what she does?" Steve half-suggested.

"She is in her kennel all night, often before we go in the bedroom and she pretends she is trapped," I said. "My bet would be if you put her in now, Miss Z would give an award-winning performance of Good Dog."

We humans strategized and decided what we DID need to do was to use clasp from an old leash at the bottom of the door to capture both the frame and door structures. "She can't work the spring," Candace said and then added a question mark to her tone.

"Well. HERE is a leash clasp we can use," Steve came out of the office from doing a security check. He carried the "Timeout" Leash that is attached to the leg of my desk. It had been chewed through.

"I guess the Baby is letting us know her displeasure with all forms of containment," I observed dryly. White Dog looked at her sister, "Bad move, Little One." YoYoMa added, "Like momma always tells us, None of you is big enough or bad enough to best me so you may as well just go with the plan. SHE will decide when you are old enough and responsible enough to be unsupervised"

My defiant escape artist tossed her head and walked off.


Random Felines said...

Wonder how long this will take her

Khyra And Sometimes Her Mom said...

Well, we aren't khalled Houdinis without earning that distinkhtion with much honor!

Akhtually, bakhk when my mom used to TRY and khrate me when she went to work - khomplete with her and a friend having to khatch me - I managed to extrikhate myself - in my khase, SOME mom tried to not use ALL those bolt things - gave me just enough wiggle room to enable the door to open -

After a few weeks of wondering why she bothered, I was PAWmitted to stay out - and found my chair!

Of khourse, I was two plus years old so it wasn't khwite as khritikhal as your new princess!

Khongrats - the fun will nevFUR stop!


meowmeowmans said...

Zsofia is a willful one, for sure. But we KNOW that Momma is the one who calls the shots with the WDA. This is shaping up to be one for the ages, isn't it? ;)