January 9, 2015

White Dog laid on the bed and supervised as Steve began to make preparations for adding another bed in the bedroom. We had decided to remove the single chair in the room. It was originally placed in the thought that it might provide an upright sleeping place during sickies or a different viewing angle during family movie nights. Baby White Dog sometimes curled up on the seat long ago and she still sometimes crawls UNDER as a hide-away. Over time, it has become a sort of catchall for laundry to be folded or things meant to be put away at an earliest convenience. In other words, removing the chair was not going to create a hardship.

When Steve carried the cushions out to the living room, he caught the attention of the rest of the White Dog Army. Instantly he had LOTS of helpers to oversee his moving the frame, thoroughly cleaning under, and making space for a new pup kennel.

As he assembled it, the WDA insisted on poking a nose into every connection and sniffing each part. Once it stood in the space there was a "trial run" in which each White One stepped into the wire crate, turned around to make sure it was comfortable and then exited so the next could "test" things. Steve added the mattress and draped warm soft blankets as side walls. With this arrangement there is a sense of separation between the open side and Taiko's sleeping mattress right next door...that way both dogs can choose privacy if they want. The Army repeated the "test" but this time added a moment of lying down. Sachi refused to come out until YoYoMa growled his impatience at waiting for HIS turn.

It seemed like everything was perfect until White Dog jumped down from our bed and ran to the living room. She returned dragging the big cushiony tv watching pillow that had formally been on the chair and put it in the crate. Steve helped her set it up at the back of the bed so it provided leaning support should the new girl desire it. Puff, who is about Darby's size, we guessed, crawled in to demonstrate the new lounging comfort.

Steve had thoughtfully stacked an old comforter and some towels on the top of the new dog suite in case they are needed. White Dog strolled around the room and returned to stand in front of the new quarters...she looked at Steve and nodded. Things are ready.

Sunday morning we will bring Darby (Free One) home to White Dog Ranch. We hope she will be happy and feel safe. Most of all, we ask the Universe to give her good health and the knowledge that she will be loved for all of her days.
This is Daisy, soon to be Darby, in the photo the shelter sent to us. 


rottrover said...

We are looking forward to meeting you Miss Darby. You are one lucky pup!!

-Bart, Ruby and Otto

Random Felines said...

we got our paws crossed

Tweedles -- that's me said...

It took a lot of work to get ready!