February 21, 2015

White Dog and the rest of the White Dog Army looked at the photos Steve was sharing. Puff sat, somewhat reluctantly, in my lap so she had a clear view. This was, after all, a continuation of a story that began with her over four years ago.

We had the opportunity to spend an afternoon catching up with Puff's rescuer, Terry. It was Terry so long ago who flew Steve in his plane to claim the little former breeder girl living outside. Puff was the little pup, already a senior, who he had kept his promise to come back and get when he could fit no more of the puppies and males breeders that he had personally paid to free into his car. Terry found us and arranged to bring the nearly feral girl back to New Mexico.

Until yesterday Terry and I had never met in person but we had developed a friendship through emails and social networking. And we had never met any of the pups he had saved to start the domino effect that saved Puff.

A Santa Fe business meeting scheduled early enough in the day prompted a chance to visit Terry at his gallery and antique shop.  Finally I had a chance to hug the man who brought my little girl to us and who had cared enough to follow our story over these last years. With him was Star, one of the puppies he had driven to Salinas Kansas, originally to see in hopes of finding a new companion for his wife, Penny. After seeing conditions, he bought the entire litter.

Some of the best magic that exists is that of kindred souls being together. There is no awkward "getting to know you" time, no need to subtly work in your list of credentials, no posturing. In an instant we were genuinely and truly talking from the heart and joyfully embracing the connection. Puff will never know how the Universe blessed her.

We talked of dogs and life and experiences. Gary, Terry's assistant, joined us making us a perfectly comfortable four-some (plus Star)!  It was a soul-filling delight of an afternoon.

As we prepared to leave with promises to return with some of the White Dog Army, Terry insisted on giving me a gift...to thank me for taking care of Puff. "Dear friend, your offer is most gracious but it is I who should grant you any wish, Puff has been a light in my life." The tiny figure is of a begging dog which looks amazingly like Bella in her "Tiny Dancer" pose. It forms a triangle under my monitor with the sleeping Puff on my right and the sleeping Bella on the left...and reminds me that I live a life of continuing miracles.
Terry, Storm and I 
Storm is MUCH bigger than Puff, more Taiko's size. She is as soft as duckling down
Gary, NOT a White Dog owner, but rather a Beagle Dad


Brian said...

That was such a nice time and made us smile too.

rottrover said...

Such a lovely story of coming full circle. Bless Terry!