February 23, 2015

White Dog alternated napping with carping about the weather, her siblings, the unfairness of life. Taiko was sleeping in Storms crate; he was so disappointed that her coming home was delayed. Sachi screamed from his window perch and Bella joined him to add her voice to his rant at the flurrying snow.

Yo just wanted to be alone and issued a low warning to any pup who attempted to come near. Only Puff, my wise girl, pressed against my blanketed legs and softly understood, "The sun will be back and the weather will get better. Storm will be here soon."

Next to her, in fact with her face buried in Puff's side, Zsofia woo'd a melancholy lament. Her focus was not on the very cold temperatures or the greyness or the snow/sleet flurries; nor was she expressing impatience at the arrival of her new sister.

Zsofia was begging for sympathy. Tomorrow she starts obedience training. To quote her, "Tomorrow I become just another brick in the wall." White Dog looked at me from across the room, "No more sharing your record collection on Sunday morning's, momma!"

I looked the Little White Dog of My Heart in the eye and sang these words of comfort, "Drama to the left of me, Eskies fill my sight, here I am...stuck in the middle with you..." She rolled her eyes, huffed and buried her head under the pillow.


meowmeowmans said...

We love those alternative song lyrics! Zsofia: good luck at obedience training ... you're going to do just fine, sweet girl!

FiveSibesMom said...

What a sweet, sweet photo! I am now humming that tune with the new lyrics (which I like better!) :-)