March 14, 2015

White Dog and the White Dog Army woke me with their full blown song of salute early this morning. Although they were all on the deck just outside the bedroom, the blinds were still drawn so I could not see the reason for such joyfulness. Steve walked into the room. "What is going on?" I asked gesturing toward the outdoors.

"The Army is singing to Storm. This morning she was brave enough to try the dog door all by herself. And now that she has figured it out, she has been going in and out, gaining confidence each time. This last time she pushed out with Sachi and Zsofia and streamed down the ramp like she has been doing it her whole life!" As he finished, the WDA, all EIGHT of them passed through the door parade-style, led by our Gentle Storm. I clapped and added my "Bravo! Wonderful Job!"

We moved into a day packed with things to ready for Sunday's big charity event...beginning with baking cake. Storm followed Steve, her tail up flying like a flag as he and I worked together but in different rooms to produce birthday cake in every conceivable pup-friendly style: banana-coconut-pineapple cake with cream cheese frosting (Miss Storm has no favorite yet but DID enjoy the dollop of banana Steve put in her bowl)...blueberry mini muffins (always a hit with Puff)...lemon cake with matching icing (WD's favorite)...vanilla cupcakes with carob buttercream and sprinkles (Bella and Sachi drooled)...and peanut butter with pb glazing Yo and Taiko would have been happy to save the cooking time). Zsofia wanted to choose them all as "the best."

When Elena stopped by she asked to meet Storm. Steve began to explain that our newest recruit is VERY shy and might not come from the hallway where she safely watched as each of the WDA, including our ultra-shy Bella, went to El to offer greetings. Zso climbed into her lap and in that silly action convinced Storm to come out and sit at the hearth, about 4' away.

Steve looked at his littlest girl and gently asked, "Still feeling brave?"  He then picked her up, Storm offered no resistance and showed no fear, and walked over to Elena. Elena opened her arms and Storm settled into her lap with she lay quietly enjoying the whispers and soft strokes.

Storm was patient a good while before Elena helped her down. The Littlest One sat for a moment and then danced out of the room; we heard the dog door flap...a signal for her siblings to join her in the yard.


Gus said...

Ho Ho..what wonderful news about Miss Storm! And I hope today is sunny and lovely for the Party.



Random Felines said...

What a great start to the day. We know the event will be great. HAPPY Birthday! Give our cupcake to Zso.

meowmeowmans said...

Oh my gosh. That is so beautiful. Way to go, Miss Storm!

Happy birthday to you, Sue. We love you, and hope you're having a day that is as special as you!