March 6, 2015

White Dog saw us to the door and handed me a grocery bag. I raised a questioning eyebrow. "Some kibble and some pbj sandwiches for the trip. I read the story about the Donner party and I don't want you all starving if there is trouble at Raton Pass." I kissed her thoughtful head. "The sun is shining, Little One, what possible problems could we encounter at the pass?"

We arrived at Kit Carson Park in quaint Trinidad, CO only eight minutes late (human potty break) and as we drove up we saw a woman sitting with a tiny white Eskie girl at one of the picnic benches. Steve and I pushed each other's shoulders to make sure we both saw them. "There she is!"
We joined them and Maggie, the wonderful volunteer who drove. Shy little Flocke was placed in my arms. She is a tiny little girl, smaller even than Sachi. She wore a lovely pink collar with rhinestones and a wide look of curiosity. She did not balk or struggle to leave my arms. I whispered in her ear and she looked at me, calmly, ears forward. Steve filled out paperwork. We all shared photos of our babies. Then came the very teary parting of a devoted foster mom and the little girl she had poured her heart into.

In front of Birgit, the foster, we made the same promise to Storm that we have made to every single member of the White Dog Army. "I promise you that forevermore you will be safe, protected, cared for, treated with dignity, and loved. I am by your side for the rest of our journey no matter where it takes us. You will never be abandoned or mistreated. Our lives together are for always. And I ALWAYS keep my promises."

And then we were heading back toward the highway. I laughed as I moved WD's bag to make a bit of room. "She will be so glad..." The sign at the entry was flashing "I-25 Closed" Closed? How could the only artery over the pass be closed? But the gate across the on-ramp denied access and no cars could be seen moving in either direction.

Steve crossed over the highway to the truckstop and prepared to go in to find out if anyone knew the story. A woman came out and stopped at the car next to where we were parked; she spoke to the passenger sitting with his window down. Steve rolled down his window and asked if she had any information.

Apparently just over the border on the New Mexico side, a semitrailer had been involved in a huge accident involving burning vehicles and possible injuries. The entire pass had been shutdown to allow emergency vehicles access to the tight twisty road with different levels of north and southbound lanes. They had told the woman that it would be a couple of hours at least until traffic would be travelling through the pass TO New Mexico. Our hearts sank.

The woman who apparently lived in Raton know a more circuitous way around the pass but said it would add about 2 hours to the trip travelling from Trinidad toward Kim then cutting across to Folsom and reconnecting with the Interstate at Raton, passed the block. She asked if we wanted to follow her. Driving was better than sitting idle. We agreed although we had no idea where she was leading and no GPS signal. "I hope this doesn't turn into one of those really bad horror movies," I thought to myself.

Instead of arriving home in the late afternoon, it was WDA supper time when we pulled into the drive. Finally after a long journey that extend past today's miles, the White Dog Army can officially welcome and announce the arrival of our newest recruit:
Gentle Storm, Certainly Another White Dog! 
Hi, I am Gentle Storm! Nice to be here.
So let's check things out.
Hi Sweet Little Sister! We were worried because you were so lte. 
Hey Momma and Dad! It is totally not fair to give Storm a bath on her very first night home.
A little cleanup needed after a long car ride.
Storm is a great rider but colitis sometimes gets the better of her.
A cuddling towel dry and a check from Yo to make sure she is not traumatized
And then, The WDA official welcome...Storm's first duck jerky treat!
Come on, sister, Puff and I will show you around.
Already Storm follows Steve and wants to know what he is doing.


Gus said...

So Glad this trip finished safely!

A Warm Welcome to the newest White Dog.

gus n teka

Brian said...

Oh my, she is such a little precious cutie!

Random Felines said...

What can adventure.....so glad people are willing to help and you made it home safe.

rottrover said...

Welcome to Blogville, Miss Storm!