April 1, 2015

White Dog said, "I must give the devil his due, I guess. My littlest brother has better pack instincts than I gave him credit for." There was actual pride in her voice.

Sachi is our little charmer. He thinks he is quite the ladies man, which often means he is a pest to the girls of the White Dog Army. He also has a bit of a Napoleon complex and pushes his brothers with machismo posturing that they try to ignore. White Dog tolerates his antics and is grateful that he is Zsofia's best friend and wrestling partner. "He IS great at keeping the baby occupied." And he is our fiercest protector of the house barking at everything that moves on our block.

But for the most part Sachi has been viewed as a party boy not a problem solver. Now he is changing that perception.

Storm loves the independence that the dog door has given her. She absolutely adores being outdoors and spends much of her day prowling the yard, "talking" to Candace's girls through their side door, and napping on the deck. She has learned our routine well enough that she comes in for meals and at the heat of the day; but as soon as she can, she trots back outside.

Our timid gentle new recruit is not yet ready for bedtime walks with the others so she gets a bit extra "playtime." But like a child who resists the call to come in and go to bed, Storm ignores Steve's call and if he goes out to get her makes it a game of "can't catch me."

Sachi has taken the time to sit with and get to know Storm. In fact, he kind of likes her (which sometimes bewilders Zsofia who does not understand why he wants to "hang out" with a girl who doesn't even know the bone challenge game). When Steve goes out in the night to bring Storm inside, Sachi accompanies him.

But our Little Man has a even better solution to getting the missing member of the WDA in and ready for lights out. When treats have been served (Storm is still on a restricted diet and cannot have any), Steve tells him, "Sachi, go get Storm. It is bedtime."

Sachi scampers out through the dog door and is gone a bit. He charges back in and jumps into Steve's arms for a lift onto the bed...and Storm gently comes inside and settles on the mattress in front of the oak chest. She seems to know she must now stay inside and settles into a sleep position.

And proud protector Sachi arranges himself at the foot of the bed where he can watch the dog door and make sure we stay together and safe.

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Random Felines said...

What a smart boy....wonder what he tells her to get her to come inside :)