April 15, 2015

White Dog looked at the Itty Bitty One and said, "Who would have thought raising a Baby was so much work? We are constantly training her, or dealing with her crazy energy, or keeping her out of trouble." I smiled at the Little White Dog of My Heart. "I once had a little ball of white floof who made all of those same demands and caused even more work because she was an only child and had no brothers and sisters to teach her or set boundaries. Plus she happened to be the smartest pup in the Universe." "Are you talking about me? You are, aren't you, momma?" I nodded and brushed the furs on the side of her face.

"But you never had to put bars on the windows for me." "OK, let us not be overly dramatic. No, you were never tall enough even on your tippy toes to potentially jump through the window although sometimes I do worry that you will break through the glass when you are pawing and singing to the postman."

Last night Zsofia discovered that she could watch Steve as he walked Taiko by standing on her hind legs and looking out of the screened openings of the sun porch. When they did not respond to her demands to return and take her along, our darkest white dog pushed against the winterizing plastic still covering the opening. She was insistent enough to tear through the heavy gauge protection and press the screen so it strained in its frame.

I realized that our girl, if she got it in her mind, could rip away the weave and be able to escape with a jump that was not inconceivable (about 5' to the ground). And she was already intrigued by this new portal.

This morning the moment the front door was opened onto the sun porch Miss Z was there, testing and looking out of the window. Since we are a mere 1/2 block from a major thoroughfare and I am not able to chasing a loping Sibe for blocks or miles, it was decided that we needed to "Baby proof" that window. The others on the porch are protected by things in front of them that prevent access but they are now under observation. This particular window needed to be reinforced to keep our girl inside and safe.

The White Dog Army, Steve and Candace all had ideas, good ones. But in the long run we opted for an easy solution that did not block our view and could be removed once Zsofia reaches an age of reason (I think that is 210 years, Puff commented).

Steve got the wire mesh from the shed...the same mesh used to "Baby Proof" the area under the deck when our Little One arrived. He took down the remnants of winter and installed a sturdy escape deterrent that is higher than Zsofia can reach and which is nearly invisible from the street.

Zso did NOT share her momma's sense of safety and peace of mind. Her White Dog Prison Blues prompted a chorus of howls from up and down the block.


Gus said...

Oh Boy. did you do ALL the windows, because, you know, sibes can like JUMP pretty high and would find the Washing Machine height a pretty easy jump.

Like love
Teka Toy

Don't laugh, we had it happen in Memphis. It was more like an eight foot drop to the ground - TT hit the ground and wondered why she was no longer eye to eye with the racoon in the tree. She then climbed about the first four feet of said tree, scaring me MUCH

the muzzer

NanĂ¼k said...

We can hear wooo!!!!! Oh the indignity!

ps, 210 sounds about right...


Brian said...

Hey, I think that works great and ya gotta do what ya gotta do!