April 17, 2015

White Dog strolled out to review our little "White Dog Farm." She was impressed with the vertical planter, now filled with lettuces and cabbage and wagged when she saw the baby blueberry bush that Steve rescued from getting dried out and brought home to put down roots with us.

She sniffed and turned up her nose. "WHAT is that odor?" she demanded. "There really is no odor," Candace explained to her, "but your extraordinary sense of smell is probably whiffing the manure compost and top soil we put down in the center of the straw bale area. That is where some of the taller things and stuff that does not grow well in straw, like the rosemary, will go."

Zsofia came loping up. "Smells awesome, doesn't it?" she asked her sister. "Kind of makes you want to hop the fence and dig right it." "NO, it does NOT!" White Dg was firm in her response. "And momma will not be happy if you dig up the garden and bring poop dirt into the house on your nose and feet."

"Candace won't mind, she says I am her helper!" Zso challenged. White Dog turned to our Master Farmer with the question in her eyes. "Um, Zsofia, I WOULD mind. That is why the fence is up. If you tear everything up we will not get lots of good veggies to eat. Remember our discussion?"

Zsofia, like YoYoMa and Bella, is an avid vegetable lover. The thought of missing out on a bountiful harvest made her stop and think. "Maybe I will just lie here and guard everything from bird intruders and snakes," she decided.

"Little Sister," WD told her, "you will have LOTS of time this summer to guard but right now the straw bales are still being conditioned, they cannot be planted for a whole week yet. If you want to be a good gardener, you must learn patience." "Like THAT is going to happen," Taiko whispered about his VERY "in the moment" 10 month old sister.


Sally Ann and Andy said...

A certian man dog will come over from the south if Mai Mai brings dirt into your house. He might take a while, but he will get there; if, he is needed. White dog Power(a big paw pump coming up to meet a dainty lady paw),
Sally Ann

Brian said...

Y'all sure have lots of gardening time to look forward too!

Tweedles -- that's me said...

That is a very cool looking garden!