April 19, 2015

White Dog did a thorough inspection of Steve's knee. He claimed he was feeling better but she did not want him to undo the healing of his medication , the brace and a good night's sleep.  She called the rest of the White Dogs over for a consult.

It WAS an incredibly beautiful afternoon. And it WAS our neighborhood's Earth Day Celebration (the biggest in NM) which was just a few blocks away.

White Dog drew a long breath. "IF you wear your knee brace. IF you walk and don't run. IF you promise to come RIGHT home if the knee starts to hurt. And IF you promise to take it easy all evening until Walkies (if I decide you are up for them). Then you can go to the Celebration."

She looked around at the WDA. "Sorry Zsofia, you pull when you get excited and that might stress dad's knee. Take YoYoMa along with you!" Yo wagged his agreement. "He is calm and a steady walker and he will make sure you behave yourself."

Taiko, Bella, Storm and Puff were glad that they did not have to face the crowds or the noise. Zso and Sachi were a bit miffed that they were not going to the party but WD was right--a energetic curious pup and an ankle nipper would not be the best choices.

Steve and YoYoMa filled a messenger bag with Paws To People fliers to share, a bottle of water and prepared to walk over to the big area behind Food Co-op, where the streets had been closed to traffic and the Celebration was being held. We could hear the music from the house.

"Oh...Cinderella...no more than 90 minutes! And I want to see you walking, hopefully not hobbling,  up the drive ready to put your knee up and eat the calzones momma and I are going to make. Got it? Yo I am holding you responsible."
True to his promise Steve and Yo strolled into the house with 7 minutes to spare. They both took long drinks of water (Steve's accompanied by ibuprofen) and then both plopped into comfy positions.

"Lots of people with pups," Yo reported, "and they loved the earth-friendly tips and do-it-yourself recipes we handed out with our information."  Steve agreed and shared some information HE had collected from others at the event, including a magnet from a woman who makes environmentally safe and friendly dog toys.

WD and I popped the turnovers stuffed with chicken, mushroom, tomatoes, spinach, bell peppers and cheeses into the oven. While the calzone for the WDA cooled, they ate their normal dinners. Then every pup got to share in a special treat...capped off with bites of banana and sunflower seed upside down cake.

The night ended on a happy note as Steve felt well enough by bedtime to take each of the White Ones on their usual pre-bed walk.


Sally Ann and Andy said...

Miss Siku,
Your such a good house manager. Andy will be is such wonderful paws when you too begin your life together. Andy sends you soft woos and nose pokes.
Sally Ann

Angel Pip and Ruby said...

Looks like a beautiful day for a celebration of the earth! I'm glad Steve's knee is feeling better.

Random Felines said...

sounds like a great celebration - glad Yo was there to make sure Steve took it easy :)

Brian said...

That sure looks like the Earth Day celebrations was lots of fun. Hey, we're glad Steve's knee is doing better.

Tweedles -- that's me said...

And aren't those walks wonderful!
I think the celebration looked pawsome!