April 26, 2015

White Dog took the pill buried in a piece of buffalo just like she does every morning. I stroked her throat and thanked her for her cooperation. "That is the last one, Little White Dog of My Heart. There are no more." She looked at me as if to ask if she was suddenly cured but saw my concerned smile.

When White Dog was four or five, Dr. Julia diagnosed her with a congenital nerve impingement. We had gone to her because WD as she hit adulthood would have intermittent bouts where she seemed to momentarily lose feeling in her back legs and would stumble of just lie down unable to rise for several minutes.

Along with the diagnosis came an order that my girl give up agility and begin a lifelong regimen of one half discus compositum tablet daily.

The homeopathic tablet is a combination of vitamins and herbs. For more than 10 years, it has prevented White Dog from inflammation of the nerve sheath. She has never had an attack since she has been on the medication.

The problem is, that discus compositum is manufactured by a German company, HEEL, that produces both human and vet remedies (Discus compositum is a crossover). We were fortunate that the U.S. plant was located right here in Albuquerque. More than a year ago, the owner decided to move back to his homeland. The company maintains its plant here, but under increasing pressure by big pharmaceutical companies and government agencies (as are all companies who promote natural, herbal, homeopathic, or alternative medicines) HEEL has scaled back its U.S. offerings. Discus Compositum is no longer available in this country.

When we learned of the company's decision from Cindy, Dr. Julia's holistic researcher, we stocked up on more than a year's supply...today's dose was the last of our stash.

There is no substitute although we have slowly added glucosamine and Zeel to WD's health routine. But we are concerned as to whether these will be as effective in controlling her specific problem.

Just today I learned of a European source (Homeovet in the UK) that may carry the supplement, but I am not sure how easily such an overseas transition can be made and gotten through our customs. I know the transport costs will be great if it is possible.

Paws crossed we can get the medication.


Angel Pip and Ruby said...

Oh gosh, that's stressful. I hope you are able to find a way to continue her medication or find a suitable substitute.

Random Felines said...

it is so sad that companies that are doing some good get shoved out of the way by those more interested in big profit....we hope you can find a solution....we know there are bloggers in Europe that might be willing to help

Brian said...

I agree, bloggers are smart and surely someone can figure out a way to get it here.