April 29, 2015

White Dog laughed at her newest sister as Storm played "copycat" to Zsofia's every move. Zso came loping back into through the dog door into the front room; Storm moved her tiny little legs in a blur to rush into the same room. They both seemed to be enjoying the game.

Zsofia went out to the kitchen to see if breakfast had been served yet; Stormer followed. And when our Itty Bity Dark White Baby sang her disapproval; the Itty Bittiest One tried her best to woo along.

While waiting to the kitchen staff to snap to it, Zso grabbed the antler chew and gave it her full attention for a few minutes before Sachi came in and pounced on her to initiate a wrestling match. As they tussled around the room, Stormy crept up and dragged the bone off into the hallway (it was too big for her to carry).

The cutest moment ("Of course you didn't capture it in a photo," White Dog complained) was Zsofia standing on  her hind legs to look out of the sun room window. (The same window Steve had Sibe protected). She surveyed the neighborhood and made a few comments before dropping to all fours and snoofling the concrete for imaginary treats. Right on her tail Little Storm Trooper sauntered up to the window and stood on HER hind legs...of course at 12" tall standing like a bear, she did not get the same view as her over five feet long sibling...She looked at Zso in confusion before join her sister in nosing under the table and furniture to see what might be discovered.

WD just chuckled, "I love watching her finding her way within the White Dog Army." "So do I, Sweet One, so do I." I replied.

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