April 9, 2015

White Dog looked at the photo that hangs in the office of Oso, our serious little Angel dog. He stares out at us in earnest as we work. We are coming up on the sad anniversary of his crossing the Bridge.

"You know, momma," White Dog shared, "this time last year was so painful as we watched dementia take my brother a little bit every day. To watch him lose his memory and then his ability to do even the simplest things broke my heart." "Mine, too, Baby Girl," I responded thinking back.

White Dog continued,"But in retrospect that time was so important for Oso, for the WDA, for you. We stuck by each other for the entire journey. We focused on giving Oso the Fearless the strength and support he needed...and more important, the loving commitment to stay by his side. Although it was difficult, I believe we did the right thing. I just wish he had met Sachi (whom he helped you find)...Zsofia (he would have been amazed at her silly antics)...and Storm (she reminds me so much of him; even her bark is the same)."

"Sweet One," I gently said as I rubbed her ears. "Oso knows the members of the earthly WDA, as does Quinn and Nuka. Do you not sometimes feel them here with us?"

"Wow!," she said, "I did not think you humans could sense these visits." "Not as often as some of the Army can feel it," I told her, "but there is a special energy when we host a visit from the Rainbow Bridge that is hard to ignore."

Bittersweet Throwback Thursday...Oso when he joined the White Dog Army...and in his warm jammies and buggy as the journey wound down.


NanĂ¼k said...

Soft, respectful woooos,


Brian said...

Oso was such a sweetie. Hugs and love from all of us.

Random Felines said...

losing them is hard, but their spirits keep us strong

meowmeowmans said...

Oso's spirit remains strong in your hearts and memories. Hugs, purrs and prayers for you all, as you remember your sweet, fearless boy.

Jo's World said...

I love the spirit dogs. They are at peace, no illness or fears of. it. The humans did their best with them and while sad, share their peace. Good feelings all around.


Jo and the girls