May 22, 2015

White Dog was just as reactant as the others. Today was the boomerang day, when the White Dog Army responded to all of the stress and change of the past few days, weeks really. Everyone was very needy and not at all understanding of the fact that we are always stronger together...each demanded to be the focus.

Steve and I did the best we could to make sure that each of the White Dogs got special attention and time devoted to just them but it did not keep the individuals from demanding more...or wanting to horn in on time being spent elsewhere.

And they did not care whether the attention was positive or negative; it was being noticed they each craved.

Basic skills like house training were forgotten or ignored. Meals were refused but then others were shouldered away from their bowls and their meals stolen. One darker white dog ate a hole in our bed comforter and pulled out half of the stuffing. Another little dancer chewed the tassels off of the chair pillow that has been part of her life, untouched, since the day she arrived.

We understood that this was a reaction to all we have been through but it made Steve furious to discover that somepup had peed in what had been Taiko's bowl. I reminded the WDA harshly that Steve, too, was grieving the loss.

The ripples will subside but it makes me sad to see the Army's behavior because it reflects the confusion and uncertainty that they are feeling. Tonight I am ready to fall into bed exhausted from all of the petting and the outpouring of compliments and the holding everyone until they rested calmly in my arms.

"You are sorely missed," I whisper to my Tender Hearted Angel as I close down the computer.


Brian said...

That kind of change is super tough on everyone. Hugs from all of us.

Random Felines said...

We are sending calming purrs

Anonymous said...

I'll increase my thoughts and prayers and hope that a new normal will begin to be felt despite the terrible loss of

Take care,
Lucy (Silent MOD, Troy, Ohio)