June 16, 2015

White Dog and the White Dog Army were restless. Every sound prompted barking litanies and every sibling action garnered a growl. They wanted to do something that wasn't "boring." They needed to burn off some energy.

"Come on," I called to them late in the afternoon when the yard is at its shadiest. "Let's go outside. I will toss the ball, you can run around a bit. It will be fun and you will work up an appetite for dinner." I stood holding the door open.

A few stood up and came over to see why I was going outside and then walked back to their comfy "chill spots." Others just lifted heads. Nilla and Bella actually ventured out of the door with me and Storm came out through the dog door.

There they stood just looking at me. I tossed the tennis ball. Everyone watched it roll in the dirt. No one scampered down to chase it or fetch. Belatedly Zsofia came out and sauntered down from the deck.

Her feet on terra firma, I enthusiastically encouraged her to "Get It!" as I tossed the second ball. She walked over to it, gave a sniff, and then peed next to it. She returned to stand with the others who were still staring at me as though I was a crazed lunatic.

Storm went back inside followed by Zsofia and then Nilla. I looked at Bella, my constant companion. "Go ahead. I get it. It is cooler inside." She looked at me for confirmation before going through the same portal the others took. I stood alone on the deck holding the rubber chicken throw toy.

By the time I navigated my way back in and got to the living room, the outdoor adventurers were once again settled under the cooling breezes wafting down from the swamp cooler vent. Storm was lying so she could drink water without having to stand.

White Dog had taken over the Momma Chair while I was gone. She was sprawled on her back and the air currents were making her feathers sway. She looked perturbed when I indicated that I wanted to sit.

"I don't want to hear any grousing or complaining about how bored you all are. I believe if the WDA had its way during days like this, you would each have a servant to bring you ice cubes, cool drinks, and snacks." Heads lifted at the suggestion.

I was about to tell that what an impossible wish THAT was when Candace walked in to help with feeding early dinners before she went to work.


meowmeowmans said...

Inside and cool sounds way better than outside and scorching! And ice cubes, cool drinks and snacks DO sound pretty nice. :)


Random Felines said...

too funny.....poor momma though :)