June 19, 2015

White Dog laughed as she scanned the room.

YoYoMa was on his back airing out his underside as he rested against the fireplace. Zsofia was sprawled like a chicken waiting to be stuffed in the middle of the room. Sachi, balanced on the edge of the chair's pillow held his back leg out so the cooling breezes gently moved his belly furs. Nilla was on the couch, one leg vertically braced against the back and her hips turned to maximize cooling not modesty. Storm lay against the door, her legs like little propellers moving slowly to keep her balanced on her back.

Only Puff kept her decorum, although her front paw dangled in the water bowl...and Ferguson the elegant gentleman always, kept his James Bond cool arranged neatly and discreetly on the kitchen floor under the cool vent. Bella was a mystery, concealed in her hiding place under my chair.

"White Dog Army Weather Report," WD said to me. "Too darn hot!"

Note from momma: Of course, there are no photos because the minute Steve moved to get the camera, every pup shifted, lifted heads and then charged over for treats.

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meowmeowmans said...

Oh yes, the WDA indicators definitely seem to point to "too darn hot!" The note from Momma made us LOL ... that happens here, too! :)