June 22, 2015

White Dog didn't move to intervene. "Good for him! It is time he gave that little wanna-be thug a piece of his mind."

Zsofia has invented a new game. She brings a bone over to one of her resting White Dog siblings and drops it in front of them (or as the game has evolved, on TOP of them). If they ignore her, which is usually the case, she taps them with her paw. And if THAT doesn't get a response, she puts her head up to their face and loudly WOOS a challenge.

This prompts Sachi to begin wrestling with her but the others generally just get up and move away. All morning she was relentless in antagonizing poor quiet, keep-to-himself Ferguson. Every time he resisted her and moved away, she followed. He avoided confrontation but she WAS a pest.

Finally, I called her over to me and put her in a down-stay...timeout. "That is NOT the way you ask for someone to play with you," I told her. "When he walks away he means no. You need to then leave him alone." Zso sighed frustratedly and rested her head on her paws. She was trying to be contrite although she did not understand why no one thought her game fun.

Ferguson came in to stand next to us. I thought he was there to perhaps gloat a little or was maybe was expecting an apology. "She is still a Baby," I said, "I am sorry Zso has been so bratty but she is thinking about being nicer."

He looked at me and then at his darker white sister. THIS would have been the perfect opportunity for our soon to be one year old to exhibit her developing maturity and humbly apologize. But she is a Sibe. She chose, instead, to stare him down and WOO in his face.

It was more than our new boy could tolerate. He calmly bent his head and nipped her flank before turning and walking away...dismissing all of us. Zsofia squealed in surprise and ran out of the dog door.

"FER-GUS-ON!" I used my momma voice. "THAT was NOT nice! We do NOT treat each other like that!" He looked stunned that I was disciplining him. I stretched out my arm and called him over. Usually after one of the WDA gets in trouble, I take a few minutes to hold him or her and to explain what they had done incorrectly. Fergis refused to come. In fact, he bounced his head in defiance and anger then stalked back to the kitchen.

And now he is not speaking to me.


Random Felines said...

Oh we may have to vote with Ferguson on this one. Mom lets Tommy what ill mannered kittens.....not to hurt them but to show certain behaviors are not allowed. :)

Sally Ann and Andy said...

Wow, Ferguson has impressed Andy. Andy might ask him to be his best man.
Sally Ann

Amber DaWeenie said...

BOL....Living with dogs is almost exactly like raising kids! ;)