June 25, 2015

White Dog, Puff, Storm and YoYoMa basked not only in being the "good kids" but were spared the green glickies the others were now experiencing as the night ended.

"Oh my," were Steve's words whe he came in. "What happened here?" No one jumped in with an answer so I told him of our afternoon:

Sitting together and continuing the House at Pooh Corner (now nearly at the end, Chapter Nine

IN WHICH Eeyore Finds the Wolery and Owl Moves Into It), all of us together in the cool of the house. The White Dog Army munching on Duck with Sweet Potato cookies and I on Pepperridge Farm Milano cookies. After a while eyes grew heavy and naps called. I stopped reading, put snacks away on the counter next to my late lunch sandwich and went to the office to work.

What Steve discovered at 11pm. was that sometime between the WDA dinner at seven and his return, unbeknownst to me, that a tornado had torn through the other part of the house leaving in its wake tiny shredded bits of the Pepperridge Farm bag, a small chunk of the paper plate that held my sandwich and blops of plastic wrap.

There was no sign of the cookies from the nearly nearly full pack of human treats or my meal. The duck treats, too, were lost to the ethers, although the nearly intact bag was found in the back corner of the yard.

As Steve started sweeping together the evidence, Nilla hurled. He walked into the kitchen to get the cleaning rags and solution to there discover Ferguson trying to hide his diarhea accident. Sachi sprawled on the red chair and moaned. Bella scrambled out from under her chair and madly dashed for the dog door.

The dark child? She was lying in her crate cuddled with her dragon stuffy...looking pretty green. "Don't think she is cute," White Dog warned as she sensed Steve's sympathy welling up. "She is a darker White because her furs are singed by her frequent forays into the flames. We should have named her Beelzabub!"

Of course, Zsofia was the instigator. She is the only one tall enough to counter surf. "But at least she shared," Steve offered trying to defend his baby girl. "Yes, like Eve shared the apple." "The others could have just said no!" "Right!"

Fortunately the cookies have only a very thin smear of chocolate between the shortbread cookies and although all would suffer for their indiscretion, it was not a serious or lethal dose.

The worst punishment? Watching Yo, Puff, and WD share the late night tacos Steve had brought home as an easy dinner surprise (remember the plumber does not come until Friday). Storm enjoyed a fiber-rich dog cookie. Strangely, NONE of the others tried to muzzle in on the taco action or complained about being cheated.


Sally Ann and Andy said...

Andy sends pepto bismo filled nose pokes to his future family in the west. He probably would have joined in happily in the mealy, but not that it's done, he sends comforting nose pokes.
Sally Ann

Sally Ann and Andy said...

Y'all should check out the book, "The hunting of the Snark" if you like animal books.
Sally Ann

Tweedles -- that's me said...

Happy Saturday to you!