June 28, 2015

White Dog was so embarrassed that she crawled under my wheelchair and tried to be invisible.

We were at the Park for the Paws To People Meeting in the Park. Zsofia and White Dog were the day's White Dog Ambassadors as we reached out into the community to discuss the prediction for flea and tick season here in New Mexico (severe) and ways to protect our animal companions.

Linda came with Daisy in her little pink stroller; Adam had tiny little Princess; Andre stopped by on his way to buy dog food; and Marion brought her lovely brindle Great Dane and her sweet little grandson.

White Dog pranced up to greet each visitor and touch noses to be social; she then came and sat next to me. Zsofia THUNDERED over to thrust her head into Daisy's stroller and WOOF at the Chi girl. When Marion cautioned us that her young rescue was very shy and still learning social skills, we reigned our Dark One in to sit by Steve. Zso sang and sang a song of welcome and exressed her desire to play. Princess scrambled up to safety on Adam's shoulder when she saw the big masked face coming toward her. Zsofia ended up laying her head across Andre's lap and wooing her lack of play pals.

I began the discussion and as soon as I spoke, Zsofia talked along. I paused; she paused. When I began again and so did my Itty Bitty Baby. "Manners!" I commanded and she wooed back. Steve got up and took her for a walk. She was in heaven in her extra long training leash and they loped off across the grass.

The rest of us talked of personal experiences, the types of preventatives available, and the reasons for concern.

We heard Zsofia returning before we saw her, still sining and dragging Steve 25' behind her. She skidded to a stop next to the group threw her nose to the sky and howled like a wolf. then she sank to her belly, curled up with her tail over her nose, and went to sleep.

"Next time, momma," White Dog advised me, "maybe you ought to be more clear on exactly WHO is scheduled to be the speaker!"


Random Felines said...

sounds like next time Zso will be left at home :) oh well....life is never boring

Sally Ann and Andy said...

Andy sends nose pokes to Mai Mai. He sends his love to his sweet fiance. Oh, Tell Mai Mai that there is a story telling time at the library, if she wants to come.
Sally Ann

Shawn said...

This made me laugh out loud!!!