July 13, 2015

White Dog sounded the alarm when Steve returned with the special ice cream cake that we would all soon share as we had a lunchtime celebration of Candace's birthday. She, Skye, Daisy and Kandy would walk through the door in just a few seconds to discover the cake and some special surprises awaiting to mark this Monday week brightener.

Zsofia did an amazing job of not sampling the cake on a table right at her face level; itself a sort of birthday gift (our baby's growing up? naaaah). But she wooed with great concern that we had no chicken feet to munch on. "I thought this was a birthday party?" she sang. "I hope Candace isn't mad that I got chicken feet and she didn't."

Candace and girls arrived. they were delighted by the cake. So delighted that Candace had a hard time keeping Skye's snooter out of the frosting while she snapped a photo. Then Steve whisked it to the kitchen to serve into dog bowls and plates for the humans.

It was festive with confetti, a Candace favorite, and made of a layer of yellow cake topped with a slab of pralines and cream ice cream and then frosted. Candace insisted the pups all be served first.

Candace then opened her gift from the White Dog Army, a gift certificate to upload photos of her girls (including Izabella the Bearded Dragon) to create a one-of-a-kind coffee mug.

I shared treats with the extended WDA as Candace read our card and note.
Candace worked last night so the day's plans involved cuddling with her girls for some sleep and then family together time. Steve (who teaches late tonight) and I took Candace out for a special dinner yesterday...and the WDA got extra Candace Birthday perks in sharing my leftover box of  Prime Rib.

We are blessed that Candace was brave enough in her time of need to trust enough to join the White Dog Army. She and her girls have been a wonderful addition to our family.

Today all of us, some who never knew a time without her being one of us, wish Candace all the most wonderful birthday wishes: happiness, magic, wishes come true, bounty enough to share, a sense of accomplishment. One thing we know she does NOT have to wish for is love...for she truly surrounded by it.


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Candace! Becky Wells

Random Felines said...

HAPPY Birthday Candace!!!

meowmeowmans said...

Happy birthday, Candace! It sounds like you and the whole WDA had a great time celebrating your special day. :)