July 21, 2015

White Dog wasn't sure how to correct the situation as she saw YoYoMa's mounting distress. He was handling it like a champ but clearly was frustrated that all of his usual spots...HIS spots had been taken over by other White Dogs.

His favorite spot, against the fireplace, back against his portrait and head tucked next to WD's watching chair, was occupied by Storm. He accidently stumbled against her and she barked a tiny menacing "I AM SLEEPING GO AWAY!"

His backup, on the sun porch, was out of reach because the swamp cooler was on and the front door closed. The next best spot, lying against the front door, was taken by the darkest white dog. Zsofia stretched past the door and rested a leg in the air against the wall.

Bella slept in front of the watching chairs.

YoYoMa sometimes naps on the other side of the hearth, his head resting next to Puff as she sleeps on her orthopedic mattress. Today, however, SHE was enjoying the cool slate tiles and rested her head in the very same spot Yo prefers.

My poor Big Boy came over and looked at me questioningly. "No room at the inn?" I asked him as I sroked his ears. "You COULD just lie right here next to me. I would love your company." YoYoMa is a cuddler during storms or loud noises; other times he is content to come over for occasiona contact but sleeps by himself...but always in the vicinity of the White Dog Army. That is why he refused to go to his spot in the bedroom; we were all out in the living spaces.

He wandered into the kitchen and took a long drink. Ferguson was lying at the far end of the room. Yo gave him a head tilted look. Fergis shifted position which seemed to be somehow an invitation.
My displaced boy snuggled against the sink cabinets and curled up to sleep.

I heard White Dog take a deep breath before she, too, relaxed enough to nap.


Tweedles -- that's me said...

I understand,,,, I think all the cats outside take my spot where I like to sit in the sun.... A spot, is a spot,, and should stay your spot forever.

Random Felines said...

sometimes you have to keep hunting to find that perfect spot

Amber DaWeenie said...

You always manage to find just the right spot and it's usually the BEST spot in the house!


Brian said...

Yep, I totally understannd that dilemma. My spots are often occupide here.