July 27, 2015

White Dog agreed to teach her siblings some of the basics of agility coursing. She heard Steve and I discussing the idea to ramp up the activity level of the White Dog Army a bit to provide mental challenge, a way to work off some energy, and to perhaps prevent another rug chewing cry for attention. We figured this was something we could do in our well shaded yard and could involve every pup interested in trying. BEFORE it was too hot in the day.

So early this morning Steve set up the Start Platform and two low fixed jumps. WD tested out the arrangement a few times to make sure it was suitable and gave her ok. They invited the White Dog Army to join them.

Yo, Nilla, Puff and Storm chose to sleep in...like their momma, they are not early risers. But Zsofia charged into the yard, followed by Ferguson, and Sachi. Bella stood on the deck so she could peek back through the dog door to keep watch over me.

White Dog gathered everyone under the big tree. She sat on the Box in a beautiful alert position, all feet within the taped square. Then she stood and still within the square said, "Now you try it!"

Zso, Fergis and Sachi all scrambled onto the Box at the same time and started jockeying for position. Then Fergis and Zsofia got into verbal smack down. "Every one OFF!"

Steve put the athletes in sit stays. And then back into sit stays as suddenly each wanted to sit on the platform. White Dog moved them all back under the tree and sat on the box herself. "Fergis, come!" Steve said and gestured that he come forward and step up. Sachi protested that HE wanted to go first. Ferguson vacated his post and wandered off to take care of business. Which Sachi came forward and did ON the Box...maybe feeling that marking it meant HE would get his turn. He hopped up but Zsofia walked over and tapped him on the head with her paw...a signal to wrestle for ownership. Steve broke up the distraction and put everyone back into position.

White Dog called him aside to confer. She suggested that maybe for this first day they might want to just make the activity a game of Follow The Leader. Steve liked her idea and agreed that maybe in the future he should work one-on-one with a leash.

So for nearly twenty minutes, as White Dog tells it, Pied Piper Steve led his merry band up over the Box, over the two jumps and back around to repeat. As they came in, Bella rushed down to examine the set up and see what she had missed. Once the round about had begun, WD had quietly come back into the house and joined us lazy bones under the sweet early morning cool enhanced by the hum of the fan.

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meowmeowmans said...

Oh, the image of Steve as the Pied Piper leading his merry band of WDA members through the course made us SMILE. :)