July 3, 2015

White Dog can always be counted on to help when planning shifts to overload in our lives. Saturday is Zsofia's first birthday. It is also Independence Day. It is also the first opera of this season. "Help!" I called to her and she came rushing to my side, datebook at the ready and thinking cap on.

Taking our Itty Bitty Baby Girl at her word, WD and I decided to begin her birthday celebration at breakfast. We came up with a menu that keeps Steve from slaving in the kitchen and will be LOVED by all of the White Dogs. The party will continue with a Dad and Me photo shoot for the Dark One, while the others have their post breakfast naps and I put together the picnic for the tailgate picnic at the opera.

YoYoMa, Storm and White Dog are frightened by the noises and smells of fireworks. We do not know how Nilla and Ferguson will react. Because of the potential for anxiety, pups will get an herbal relaxant late in the afternoon before Steve and I head up to Santa Fe.

Candace and her girls will come to the house to spend the evening and to continue the party. White Dog put together a dinner menu that a one year old will love...including little miniature cakes. "Would not be MY choice for a birthday dinner," my elegant WD said, "but Zso will SWOON!" Candace will keep the White Dog Army company during the fireworks and has promised Zsofia that SHE can pick out the Netflix movie.

When we get home in the wee hours of Sunday (usually it is nearly 1am by the time we pull into the drive), the WDA will get to sample leftovers from the picnic as we regale them with highpoints and funny people watching moments.

If the noise has calmed down, sometimes our arrival brings a new burst of celebration as the bars on the maindrag close down, the WDA goes for walks. If it is too raucaous all go out in the yard and then watch the stars on the deck before returning inside...to sleep.

"Thank you, Little White Dog of My Heart," I told her. "You are a great sounding board. I love working with you." She touched her nose to my cheek.


Random Felines said...

Always nice to have a good assistant.

Happy 4th and have a great weekend.

Brian said...

Happy Birthday from all of us! Happy Independence Day everyone!!!

meowmeowmans said...

Happy Birthday, Zsofia. And Happy Independence Day to you all! Stay safe, and let freedom (and calmness) ring.