July 5, 2015

White Dog looked around the room. "Wow! You all look like you partied a little too hearty yesterday! Come on, get up! It is a beautiful day."

Zso and Yo lifted their heads to look at her and tried to focus. "You are pathetic!" WD said. Puff had her back to the room and was gently snoring...we could hear Bella's sighs of sleep under the chair...and had only to look to the middle of the room to see Nilla sprawled on her back, eyes closed. Storm was a tight little ball of fur with neither head nor tail. Sachi was draped over the edge of the watching chair, tongue out, singing his wheezy deep dream song.

Steve came in from the yard. Ferguson was at his side. "Thank dog, SOME pup beside me has escaped this Sleeping Beauty spell." White Dog said.

"We were out checking to see if the Baby's present has arrived yet," Ferguson answered. WD tilted her head. "You know the white Ferrari. Dad is all set to take us for rides." Steve nodded enthusiastically. "Let me remind you that all wishes do not come true," WD said looking directly at Steve. "Remember when I was a pup? The rule at the pet store was if I aked for it, I didn't get it. Remember?" Steve sighed and Ferguson buried his head against him for comfort.

"Little White Dog of My Heart, would you like to see the White Dog Army come to attention?" I asked her. I reached for the duck jerky bag and instantly every pup in the house was at our feet, alert and waiting. I handed each a strip of their favorite treat.

Zsofia gobbled hers down in a nanosecond and then nuzzled the bag with her nose. "No, only one piece. Manners, please." "But momma, yesterday was my BIRTHDAY!"

"That is right my Itty Bitty One and I know you enjoyed it but..." Here, White Dog interrupted me...

"Zsofia, it is like the song says, Yesterday's Gone! Yesterday's Gone! You don't get another birthday for 365 days."

In response, Zsofia began a Sibe Song of Lament.


Tweedles -- that's me said...

We hope you had a good 4th of July!

Random Felines said...

sounds like Steven and Zso need to go dornw their sorrows :)

meowmeowmans said...

Hahaha. Yes, Zsofia, it's true. Those b-day benefits expire after 24 hours. :)