August 10, 2015

White Dog and The White Dog Army were standing around the bed. I was surrounded by staring eyes. I looked at the clock; it was 6:30. Steve was in the shower. I pulled the blanket over my head. The WDA knows this is NOT my time of day. But I could still feel them there...waiting.

"What?" I said as I pried my eyes open and sat up.

"It is National Spoil Your Dog Day," White Dog responded. "We wondered what you had planned." "And when the celebration was going to start," Sachi added.

"Well, my little Army of Love, do you not think that you are incredibly spoiled EVERY day?" I asked. "You are a VERY privileged pack of pups with your own comfy beds, and spa days, and expensive health foods. Heck, dad even cooks for you...how many dogs are THAT lucky? What do you think we should do to spoil you more today?"

There was a bit of shuffling as the WDA looked at each other. "Maybe treats?" Storm suggested. "Would that be in addition to your after pills treat and your afternoon jerky, and your post walk and your bedtime snacks?" "I guess, we DO get lots of treats," she conceded.

"A special supper?" Nilla said. "What would you choose that would be better than two bites from what dad and I are eating plus fancy trout kibble topped by a homecooked combo of fresh mackerel, rice, veggies, blueberries and supplement?" "I like what we eat," Nilla replied. "It has made me feel better and my furs are much silkier...plus it DOES taste pretty doggone good." "Lamb shanks might be nice," Siku answered, "or duck or a juicy steak or a big square of lasagna." "This is a late night for dad, I am pretty sure no one wants to wait until midnight or later to eat dinner." "Could we at least have bacon with breakfast," Yo pleaded. "That would not be a big thing."

Steve had joined us during the discussion. "I will go one step further," he said. "How about an apple oven pancake with that bacon...and we can go out and play in the yard while everything cooks? Will that make everyone feel a little pampered?" His suggestion was greeted with tail wags and White Dogs jumping through the dog door in anticipation.

Bella started out but then turned and came back to sit at my side. "Think of more spoiling you need, Tiny Dancer," I asked her. "No, momma." she rubbed against my leg. "I just wanted to say that thinking about it we ARE pretty spoiled all ready. Thanks." And with that she ran outside and I heard her bark a challenge at Zsofia.


rottrover said...

All us dogs in Blogville are incredibly lucky!!

-Ruby and Otto

Tweedles -- that's me said...

Anything special is a good thing