September 14, 2015

White Dog had her clipboard out and was making adjustments. She called Bella over to her."You have come a long way the past few months in getting braver, sister," WD told her. "I want to put you in charge of a special project." Bella looked a little worried but gave a determined wag of her tail.

"I would like for you to become Benson's walking partner," the leader of the pack suggested. "To show him around the neighborhood and keep him exercised. I heard rumors that he was sometimes stubborn about not wanting to walk." I knew White Dog's plan actually had two objectives...to pair Benson with a walk partner who was strong but not too demanding and to increase Bella's level of activity during those excursions. The "B" Team, Bella and Benson, would start the nightly outings by going first.

Currently Bella walks with Puff, our very Senior girl who casually strolls down to the curb and then is ready to go in. With WD's new plan, Puff would get her own special time with Steve for that gentle meander and bit of night gazing before coming in to sleep. Additionally, if Puff went last, it would provide a little extra time for her in the oxygen kennel before she went to bed.

Turns out White Dog's instincts were good ones. Benson LOVED the walk and, in fact, kept asking Bella to lead a little farther. It was a nice healthy constitutional for both. Benson wanted to walk with every team until Bella told him about after-walk treats.

Puff took her time as she and Steve stopped to turn noses up to the air, to sniff the rocks that line the drive, and to just stand quietly. I could tell when she came in that she had a fine time.

Steve returned to find Benson as below. You can see the poor boy was exhausted from the rigors of the walk and the stress of adapting to life in the White Dog Army...


Random Felines said...

Tough life :)

Agnes B. Bullock said...

Benson, it is a very tough life with the WDA, but somebody has to accept the challenges of great food and lots of love! Keep praying that the WDA adopts me!

Brian said...

I think you are getting used to being in the Army already Benson!