September 17, 201

White Dog looked over expecting me to flinch or to sternly put a stop to the noise with "enough!" She was puzzled enough by my smile to leave the maestro's spot at the window and to come to my side.

"We are kind of loud," she said as the song continued. I smiled. "and we do have some extra voices." Skye, Daisy and Kandy were with us. "and there is no real threat or danger."

I cupped her face in my hands and turned her head to follow my thoughts. "See every one? They are all happy and wagging and singing in joy. It is a symphony of our good life."

I turned her to look at Ferguson. "Your brother has been dealing with not being well for several days now. This is the first time in over a week that he has even come into the group, much less had the desire to bark along." He even flashed his radiant smile.

Benson and Nilla stood on the couch above Fergus. "Both here such a short time and already they feel bonded to our family and identify as part of the White Dog Army. Maybe no one ever made them feel as loved as we do."

I picked her up into my arms so she could see Zsofia on the watching chair and Sachi standing underneath his head between her front paws; both sang in harmony. "They are so different and yet they are totally one heart in spirit. To hear them blend their voices into that howl/yip is funny but so revealing."

Puff paced along the front of the chairs and peered out of the door's glass. Her Woof! was an accent, spoken at longer intervals and delivered with a look of glad participation. "She is so glad to be able to take part often her age holds her back from WDA rituals."

Bella had taken White Dog's spot at the window and looked over at the Queen for her approval as she fiercely added her voice. "She would not have been that bold six months ago," I reminded WD, "it is a wonder to watch her stretch and grow."

Daisy, Skye and now Kandy have finally found a comfort level as part of the WDA. No longer are they nervous visitors who cling to Candace's side. With her added hours at work, the girls have been integrated into the pack so they are not alone all day. And they move with confidence and a sense of belonging. And sing as well.

"So you don't mind when we sing?" White Dog asked. "Sometimes, like when I am on the phone, yes. But more often I hear you all and even if I am not in the room I can identify each of your voices. It fills me with such a sense of gratitude when I think about each of your parts blending into such an amazing song story."

"Do you want another chorus?"  "How about some treats instead? Do not want to stress your vocal cords."


Random Felines said...

songs of joy to fill your heart :)

Jake of Florida said...

To quote, "Make a joyful noise all ye lands!!!"